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Park Story Achievements

Full list of Park Story achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Park Story has 48 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Take This Take This 0 Collected the axe, ready for danger ahead 10
Smashing the Legion Smashing the Legion 0 Defeated 5 Legion Gauntlets 20
Thrashing the Legion Thrashing the Legion 0 Defeated 15 Legion Gauntlets 30
Destroying the Legion Destroying the Legion 0 Defeated all 20 Legion Gauntlets 50
Splash of Colour Splash of Colour 0 Planted some saplings for Fen 20
Sorry You Were Out Sorry You Were Out 0 Delivered Amna's final package 10
Wild Swim Wild Swim 0 Sprinted and splashed past Adrienne's record around the Boating Pond 10
Pretty Dangerous Yourself Pretty Dangerous Yourself 0 Fully upgraded Parker's axe damage 20
Much Slurps Much Slurps 0 Fully upgraded Parker's noodle capacity 20
This is Not a Toy This is Not a Toy 0 Fully upgraded Parker's nailgun capacity 20

Secret Achievements

Choo Choo Choo Choo 0 Defeated the first General, The Station Master 20
Honest Creatures Honest Creatures 0 Defeated the second General, Ophidess 20
Entered the Pit Entered the Pit 0 Defeated the third General, Ramskull 20
Reporting for Duty Reporting for Duty 0 Defeated the fourth General, Wardog 20
The Widest, Tallest Place The Widest, Tallest Place 0 Defeated the fifth General, Starburn 20
Wee Rat Wee Rat 0 Defeated the sixth General, Baneshanks 20
A New Park Ranger A New Park Ranger 0 Defeated Caim and stayed to tend the park forever 120
A Long Road Ahead A Long Road Ahead 0 Defeated Caim and left the park for home, Ola and a better future 120
Journalistic Integrity Journalistic Integrity 0 Found all 18 newspaper clippings for Carol 100
Making Tracks Making Tracks 0 Unlocked the railway with help from Angus 10
Musical Mates Forever Musical Mates Forever 0 Reunited the park's resident band 10
A Marital Masterpiece A Marital Masterpiece 0 Returned Kenny's wedding plan masterpiece 10
Sun Salutation Struggle Solved Sun Salutation Struggle Solved 0 Solved the mystery of the missing yoga mats for Maria 10
Gnawed for the Better Gnawed for the Better 0 Cared for the struggling trees at Colin's request 10
Spices and Secrets Spices and Secrets 0 Found the seasoning to finish Sarah's recipe 10
Long Hours, Light Entertainment Long Hours, Light Entertainment 0 Reunited Iain with his fully loaded portable TV 10
Up, Up, Monsters Away Up, Up, Monsters Away 0 Cleared Robbie's favourite field for kiting 10
Riverside Rush Riverside Rush 0 Beat Adrienne's foot race around Riverside 10
Caravaners Party Hardest Caravaners Party Hardest 0 Proved yourself a party person by helping Farhan 20
Feathers Welcome Feathers Welcome 0 Made Morag's aviaries safe for pigeons once again 10
Reaching New Heights Reaching New Heights 0 Became a serious climber to grab Dylan's flag 10
Super Basic Super Basic 0 Did the grind to spark conversation between Elissa and Kareem 10
It's Just Sugar It's Just Sugar 0 Tasted tasty tablet treasure after tracking down the door code 20
Good Lawns Don't Come Cheap Good Lawns Don't Come Cheap 0 Gave Jeanette a lot of tokens for lawns 20
Podium in the Playgrounds Podium in the Playgrounds 0 Outran Adrienne's best time around the Playgrounds 10
Photogenic Friends Photogenic Friends 0 Snapped up the picture of pals for Nigel 20
Lost (and Found) at Sea Lost (and Found) at Sea 0 Pieced together Elaine's favourite vessel 10
Caves and Cameras Caves and Cameras 0 Emptied out Rhona's favourite place for photography 10
Bug Catcher Catching Bug Catcher Catching 0 Climbed high and spelunked deep to find Iona's bug net 10
Lost Sparkle Lost Sparkle 0 Fished around for Julius' lost diamond 10
Earned Your Patch Earned Your Patch 0 Joined the ranks of the Junior Rangers with Jessica 10
Long Service Award Long Service Award 0 Gifted Terry a favour for his well-earned retirement 10
Station Cartographer Station Cartographer 0 Found all the map pieces in Mahagow Park Station 10
Glasshouses Cartographer Glasshouses Cartographer 0 Found all the map pieces in the Botanical Glasshouses 10
Library Cartographer Library Cartographer 0 Found all the map pieces in the Victor Mettle Memorial Library 10
Climbing Cartographer Climbing Cartographer 0 Found all the map pieces in the Recoil Climbing Centre 10
Planetarium Cartographer Planetarium Cartographer 0 Found all the map pieces in the Stag Planetarium 10
Crypt Cartographer Crypt Cartographer 0 Found all the map pieces in The Crypt 10