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SUPERHOT Achievements

Full list of SUPERHOT achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

SUPERHOT has 25 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Full Package Full Package 0 Gained full access to killing simulation rooms. 50
Can't get enough Can't get enough 0 Slaughtered countless enemies just to get a non-existent reward. 25
Pointless but cool Pointless but cool 0 Seen a gruesome sight of an exploading head more than 100 times. 25
Just Just 0 You've 15
Killing Killing 0 Been 15
Red Red 0 A 15
Dudes Dudes 0 Good 15
With Katana With Katana 0 Boy 15
Shishkebap Shishkebap 0 Cruelly impaled two cypher beings with a sharp object. 10
Spread the system Spread the system 0 Turned into a cog in an advertisment campaign. 15
Conserve Ammo Conserve Ammo 0 Strategically moved and timed actions to destroy enemies more effectively. 10
Ratatatata! Ratatatata! 0 Frantically waved your weapon left and right in order to feel like an action movie hero. 10
Hercules Hercules 0 Proven your skill in killing Red Dudes in weird ways. 200
Stand REDy Stand REDy 0 Transformed into a precise killing machine. 125
Get REDy Get REDy 0 Transformed into a precise killing machine in Real Time! 125

Secret Achievements

One of us One of us 0 Came to a certain realization about yourself. 50
Charted Charted 0 Jumped a lot to find hidden terminals. 150
Deep Web Deep Web 0 Became part of the cult. 15
No they didn't No they didn't 0 Probably accidentaly made two projectiles collide. 10
So it is possible! So it is possible! 0 Probably deliberately made a katana and a projectile collide. 10
It's a me, Mario! It's a me, Mario! 0 Squashed, broke and smeared an enemy under your heavy boots. 10
We Told You To Leave We Told You To Leave 0 Demonstrated utter desperation and addiction to the system. 25
We Can See You We Can See You 0 Experienced a direct contact with the system. 25
Access Denied Access Denied 0 Encountered a disconnection bug. 25
Bored Bored 0 Realized that there is no better program than superhot.exe. 10