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Ghost Song Achievements

Full list of Ghost Song achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Ghost Song has 42 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Fully Equipped Fully Equipped 0 Obtain many modules. 30
Readiness Readiness 0 Obtain many weapons. 30
Big Bots Big Bots 0 Locate many Big Bots. 15
Feeling Healthy Feeling Healthy 0 Obtain many Healing Cores. 15
Hardened Hardened 0 Complete the game on Original difficulty. 30
Maybe It Was Too Easy Maybe It Was Too Easy 0 Complete the game without dying. 80
Experienced Experienced 0 Reach level 30. 15

Secret Achievements

You're Not Alone You're Not Alone 0 Arrive at the crash site. 10
Part One Part One 0 Help to repair Gambler. 10
Part Two Part Two 0 Help to repair Gambler again. 15
Part Three Part Three 0 Bring a third part to Gambler. 15
Part Four Part Four 0 Continue to assist in the repair of Gambler. 15
Part Five Part Five 0 Once again, help to repair Gambler. 15
Ready To Fly Ready To Fly 0 Fully repair Gambler. 15
Please Sit Down Please Sit Down 0 Defeat a Big Bot. 15
Safely Away Safely Away 0 Help your friends escape. 80
The Crusher The Crusher 0 Defeat Dolly 15
The Learned Hunter The Learned Hunter 0 Defeat Henriette... 15
The Changed One The Changed One 0 Defeat Henriette again. 15
The Ogre The Ogre 0 Defeat Elsom. 15
Old Singer Old Singer 0 Defeat Old Singer. 80
The Cracked Engineer The Cracked Engineer 0 Defeat Kellunhelk. 15
The Poet The Poet 0 Defeat Kika. 15
The Red Blob The Red Blob 0 Defeat Vek. 15
The Cut Machine The Cut Machine 0 Visit the Cut Machine. 30
Familiar Familiar 0 Spend time with Pasha. 30
Charley Charley 0 Find Charley. 30
Clawing At The Roots Of A Cosmic Order Clawing At The Roots Of A Cosmic Order 0 Get to know Saymund. 15
Retired Explorer Retired Explorer 0 Say goodbye to Mutt. 15
Good Friends Good Friends 0 Get to know the crew. 15
Slow Down Slow Down 0 Have a chat with Relic. 15
It Was An Accident It Was An Accident 0 Help Gili. 30
Molly The Artist Molly The Artist 0 Receive a special gift from Molly. 15
The Voice From The Elevator The Voice From The Elevator 0 Reach Mabec. 30
Many Enemies Many Enemies 0 Defeat many enemies. 15
Feeling Better Feeling Better 0 Healed yourself many times. 15
Bug Slayer Bug Slayer 0 Destroy many Roslock creatures in the pit. 15
Party Trick Party Trick 0 Do a killer Painwheel juggle. 15
You Monster! You Monster! 0 Destroy many innocent creatures. 15
Flower Girl Flower Girl 0 Show off with flowers. 15
Very Important Very Important 0 Push the large piece of junk down the hill. 15
Make Haste Make Haste 0 Finish the game in under 3 hours. 80