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DREDGE Achievements

Full list of DREDGE achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

DREDGE has 48 achievements worth 1200 gamerscore

Introductions Introductions 0 Complete the introduction quest. 20
Master Angler Master Angler 0 Catch all known species of fish. 40
The Key The Key 0 Deliver the Key. 20
Perfect Packing Perfect Packing 0 Have a full cargo. 20
Aberration Attractor Aberration Attractor 0 Catch all aberrations. 40
Providence Providence 0 Complete all side quests. One way or another. 30
Safe Havens Safe Havens 0 Visit every dock in the game. 20
Feeling Prepared Feeling Prepared 0 Install equipment into every slot on your ship. 20
Researcher: Rods Researcher: Rods 0 Research all rods. 30
Researcher: Nets Researcher: Nets 0 Research all nets. 30
Researcher: Pots Researcher: Pots 0 Research all pots. 30
Researcher: Engines Researcher: Engines 0 Research all engines. 30
Lifted From the Deep Lifted From the Deep 0 Catch 250 fish using rods. 20
Trapped by These Walls Trapped by These Walls 0 Catch 100 crabs in crab pots. 20
Tangled in This Web Tangled in This Web 0 Catch 150 fish in trawl nets. 20
Lives for Profit Lives for Profit 0 Sell a total of $2500 worth of fish. 20
Cash for Gold Cash for Gold 0 Sell a total of $1500 worth of trinkets. 20
Careless Harvesting Careless Harvesting 0 Deplete a total of 25 fishing spots. 20
Swift Reaper Swift Reaper 0 Have a combined fishing speed of 200%. 20
No Time to Linger No Time to Linger 0 Have a combined engine speed of 75kn. 20
Light Up the Night Light Up the Night 0 Have a combined light strength of 3000 lumens. 20
Hull: Improved Hull: Improved 0 Upgrade to the 2nd tier hull. 20
Hull: Refined Hull: Refined 0 Upgrade to the 3rd tier hull. 20
Hull: Advanced Hull: Advanced 0 Upgrade to the 4th tier hull. 20
Unwanted Unwanted 0 Discard 25 fish. 20
From the Depths From the Depths 0 Obtain all other achievements. 60

Secret Achievements

The Secret The Secret 0 Surrender the Music Box. 20
The Bond The Bond 0 Entrust the Ring. 30
The Chains The Chains 0 Relinquish the Necklace. 30
The Moment The Moment 0 Give up the Pocket Watch. 30
Unshackled Unshackled 0 Find a use for the relics. 40
Sated Sated 0 Throw it back. 40
From the Fog From the Fog 0 Hear a Foghorn echo. 20
Prey Sighted Prey Sighted 0 Spot a fish of each category through your Spyglass. 20
Mixed Results Mixed Results 0 Use Mixed Bait to attract 3 different species to a single spot. 20
Cruel Heat Cruel Heat 0 Keep your Haste burn meter above 50% for 10 seconds. 20
Dimensional Bypass Dimensional Bypass 0 Traverse a long distance with Manifest. 20
Banisher Banisher 0 Banish 10 threats. 20
Unsustainable Fishing Unsustainable Fishing 0 Use Atrophy on a fishing spot a long way away. 20
Servant of the Shrines Servant of the Shrines 0 Solve all fish shrine puzzles. 20

DREDGE - The Pale Reach

There are 8 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Polar Angler Polar Angler 0 Catch all known species of fish in The Pale Reach. 30
Cold Corruptions Cold Corruptions 0 Catch all aberrations in The Pale Reach. 30
Feeding Time Feeding Time 0 Feed the Narwhal. 20
Under The Ice Under The Ice 0 Finish the main quest in The Pale Reach. 30
Frozen Favors Frozen Favors 0 Finish all side quests in The Pale Reach. 30
Icebreaker Icebreaker 0 Equip the Icebreaker. 20
Fresh Fish Fresh Fish 0 Have 5 ice blocks in your cargo. 20
From The Black Depths From The Black Depths 0 Catch the Colossal Squid. 20