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Bunny Park Achievements

Full list of Bunny Park achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Bunny Park has 18 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Lonely Bunny Lonely Bunny 0 Find your first bunny... It's a bit lonely! 25
Bunny Party Bunny Party 0 Find 5 bunnies and make it a party! 50
Bunny Fluffle Bunny Fluffle 0 Find all 25 bunnies and form a whole fluffle! 100
Debris Finder Debris Finder 0 Gather 10 debris to clean up your park! 25
Debris Gatherer Debris Gatherer 0 Gather 100 debris to clean up your park! 50
Debris Collector Debris Collector 0 Gather 1000 debris to clean up your park! 100
Beginner Decorator Beginner Decorator 0 Place 10 decorations and start revitalizing your park! 25
Stylish Decorator Stylish Decorator 0 Place 50 decorations and make your own park designs! 75
Ace Decorator Ace Decorator 0 Place 100 decorations and really make the park your own! 100
Bunny Cuddles Bunny Cuddles 0 Give the bunnies 500 pets! 100
Tropical Summer Tropical Summer 0 Place a summer decoration to make it a tropical holiday! 25
Cozy Autumn Cozy Autumn 0 Place an autumn decoration to get warm and cozy! 25
Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland 0 Place a winter decoration to create a winter wonderland! 25
Spring Blossom Spring Blossom 0 Place a spring decoration to make your park blossom! 25
Park Manager Park Manager 0 Expand the whole park to give your bunnies extra space! 100

Secret Achievements

Helpful Bot-terfly Helpful Bot-terfly 0 Get the help of a friendly bot-terfly to run your park! 50
Pom Pom Pom Pom 0 Get a bunny to wear a cute pom pom hat! 50
Quack quack Quack quack 0 Welcome in a duck to quack around the park! 50