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Yum Yum Cookstar Achievements

Full list of Yum Yum Cookstar achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Yum Yum Cookstar has 37 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Rainbow Waffles! Rainbow Waffles! 0 Make the Rainbow Waffles! 15
Extra Crispy Extra Crispy 0 Oops! Burned your first recipe!! 15
Pro Chef Pro Chef 0 Complete all of the cooking techniques! 30
Cookstar Cookstar 0 Complete all of the recipes! 55
Fantastical Treats and Sweets Fantastical Treats and Sweets 0 A unicorn-food challenge! 15
Multicolored Munchies Multicolored Munchies 0 A marathon of rainbow-themed delights 15
Totally Stuffed! Totally Stuffed! 0 Make a meal that is stuffed full of flavor! 15
Beat the Heat Beat the Heat 0 Make some cool food for a hot day! 15
Batter Up! Batter Up! 0 A trifecta of fried foods 15
The Three Course Basil Wellington Feast The Three Course Basil Wellington Feast 0 Bring your culinary A-game to this festive feast! 15
Sunrise Selections Sunrise Selections 0 A marathon of breakfast foods 15
Stuffed Specialties Stuffed Specialties 0 Garden-to-table cuisine! 15
Between the Buns Between the Buns 0 3 dishes that beg the question: is it a sandwich? 15
A Sweet Combo A Sweet Combo 0 Your kitchen feat: a set of sweet treats! 15
Max Picante's Dinner Deluxe Max Picante's Dinner Deluxe 0 It's time to spice things up with this trio of tasty dinners! 15
Colorful Concoctions Colorful Concoctions 0 Hot, cold and frozen drinks! 15
Ambrosia's Poppin' Entrees Ambrosia's Poppin' Entrees 0 Sizzling skewers, stir fry and seafood! 15
Sweet Dreams Sweet Dreams 0 Sweet dreams are made of these desserts! 15
Umami-licious! Umami-licious! 0 Can you master this mouth-watering meal? 15
Magical Confections Magical Confections 0 Don't get a sugar high off this challenge! 15
Basil Wellington's Savory Supper Basil Wellington's Savory Supper 0 A series of savory suppertime meals 15
Mediterranean Flavors Mediterranean Flavors 0 A marathon of foods from the Mediterranean 15
Sweet Tooth Treat Challenge Sweet Tooth Treat Challenge 0 A series of sugary sweets! 15
Inspired Dishes Inspired Dishes 0 Noodles, wings and curry! Better hurry! 30
Fried Feast Fried Feast 0 A festival of fantastic fried foods 30
Snackable Selections Snackable Selections 0 Ready to take these snacks to the max? 30
Three Little Pigs Three Little Pigs 0 A trio of pork-themed portions! 30
A Curious Combination A Curious Combination 0 Is it lunch, breakfast or dessert? 30
Savor the rainbow! Savor the rainbow! 0 A colorful contest of savory favorites! 30
Home Cookin' Home Cookin' 0 Can you impress Basil with your home cooking? 30
Lunch for Two Lunch for Two 0 Make a quick lunch for two! 30
Grab and Go Grab and Go 0 Can you recreate these favorite on the go treats? 30
Dinner for Two Dinner for Two 0 Dinner for you and also your boo. 30
Savory Starters Savory Starters 0 Your best take on some delicious apps! 30
Out to Lunch! Out to Lunch! 0 Make Basil's lunch. (He's a picky eater.) 90
Party Palate! Party Palate! 0 Get ready to celebrate with these sugary selections! 90
Potayto Potahto Potayto Potahto 0 A trio of potato-based dishes 90