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Lonesome Village Achievements

Full list of Lonesome Village achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Lonesome Village has 15 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

A new journey begins A new journey begins 0 Chapter 1 unlocked! 60
Mysteries arise Mysteries arise 0 Chapter 2 unlocked! 60
Meet the cult Meet the cult 0 Chapter 3 unlocked! 60
The truth is revealed The truth is revealed 0 Chapter 4 unlocked! 60
The Eye The Eye 0 Chapter 5 unlocked! 60
Farewell Farewell 0 Epilogue unlocked! 100
A hero is born A hero is born 0 Final boss defeated! 120
The power of friendship! The power of friendship! 0 All villagers rescued from tower! 60
Say cheese! Say cheese! 0 All selfies unlocked! 60
A fishy and smelly achievement A fishy and smelly achievement 0 All fishes unlocked! 60
The garden in your pockets The garden in your pockets 0 All plants and fruits unlocked! 60
Mozart would be proud Mozart would be proud 0 All songs unlocked! 60
Wes, the pirate! Wes, the pirate! 0 All treasures unlocked! 60
The completionist The completionist 0 All collections completed! 60

Secret Achievements

It's a secret for everybody It's a secret for everybody 0 Secret floor on tower found! 60