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Missile Command: Recharged Achievements

Full list of Missile Command: Recharged achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Missile Command: Recharged has 18 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Bad Moon Rising Bad Moon Rising 0 Defeat the last boss 100
Who’ll Stop The Rain Who’ll Stop The Rain 0 Destroy 3 enemy missiles with a single shot 25
45 Revolutions Per Minute 45 Revolutions Per Minute 0 Earn 5000 points in arcade 25
Run Through The Jungle Run Through The Jungle 0 Earn 10000 points in arcade 50
Graveyard Train Graveyard Train 0 Earn 20000 points in arcade 100
Effigy Effigy 0 Upgrade Power to maximum power level 50
Lodi Lodi 0 Upgrade Reload to maximum power level 50
Commotion Commotion 0 Upgrade Speed to maximum power level 50
Gloomy Gloomy 0 Upgrade Rebuild to maximum power level 50
Chameleon Chameleon 0 Max out all available upgrades 100
Down On The Corner Down On The Corner 0 Finish a level in Campaign after spending all missiles 50
Fortunate Son Fortunate Son 0 Destroy 50 Carriers before they drop a missile 25
Sinister Purpose Sinister Purpose 0 Destroy 25 Scatterers before they drop their missiles 25
Ooby Dooby Ooby Dooby 0 Get outsmarted by a Smart Bomb 25
I Put A Spell On You I Put A Spell On You 0 Use all powerups 100
Long As I Can See The Light Long As I Can See The Light 0 Finish a Campaign mission with a single Silo and a single City remaining 50
Born On The Bayou Born On The Bayou 0 In Arcade revive 300 Silos 25
Broken Spoke Shuffle Broken Spoke Shuffle 0 Survive 10 seconds with a single Silo remaining 100