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Need for Speed Unbound Achievements

Full list of Need for Speed Unbound achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Need for Speed Unbound has 41 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Bear Champ The Bear Champ 0 Smashed all bear collectibles 30
Most Wanted Most Wanted 0 Escaped a Heat 5 cop chase 20
Adbusting Adbusting 0 Broke all billboard collectibles 30
Heaven Spot Heaven Spot 0 Collected all street art collectibles 30
In The Zone In The Zone 0 Got 3 stars on all Speed Run activities 30
Frequent Flyer Frequent Flyer 0 Got 3 stars on all Long Jump activities 30
Catch My Drift Catch My Drift 0 Got 3 stars on all Drift Zone activities 30
Caught On Camera Caught On Camera 0 Got 3 stars on all Speed Trap activities 30
Cleaning Up Cleaning Up 0 Collected all collectables and got 3 stars on all activities 50
Serious Guap Serious Guap 0 Banked $75,000 within one session 30
Cash Money Millionaire Cash Money Millionaire 0 Earned $1,000,000 in story mode 20
Flow Master Flow Master 0 Scored 250,000 during a Takeover Event 50
In the Flow In the Flow 0 Scored 200,000 during a Takeover event 20
Rebel Without a Pause Rebel Without a Pause 0 Completed 30 street races in story mode 30
Style it Out Style it Out 0 Completed 10 Takeover events 20
Rydell's Rydes Rydell's Rydes 0 Fully upgraded your story mode garage 30
Escape Artist Escape Artist 0 Escaped a Heat 5 cop chase in an A+ car 30
Public Enemy Public Enemy 0 Took down 5 cops during a single session 20
Untouchable Untouchable 0 Escaped 50 cop chases 30
Access All Areas Access All Areas 0 Fully upgraded your Lakeshore Online garage 30
Full House Full House 0 Completed a Lakeshore Online playlist with 7 other players 30
B for My Name B for My Name 0 Won a Tier B Lakeshore Online playlist 20
Bring Your A Game Bring Your A Game 0 Won a Tier A Lakeshore Online playlist 20
Teacher's Pet Teacher's Pet 0 Won a Tier A+ Lakeshore Online playlist 20
Superstar Superstar 0 Won a Tier S Lakeshore Online playlist 20
Top Billin' Top Billin' 0 Won a Tier S+ Lakeshore Online playlist 20
Mixtape Mixtape 0 Completed 25 Lakeshore Online playlists 40
#Blessed #Blessed 0 Owned 10 vehicles in your story mode garage 20
The Collector The Collector 0 Owned 10 vehicles in your Lakeshore Online garage 20
Hey Speedie! Hey Speedie! 0 Reached 200MPH in story mode 20
100 Miles and Runnin' 100 Miles and Runnin' 0 Drove a total of 100 miles in story mode 20
Throwing up Tags Throwing up Tags 0 Customized your Driving Effects 10
Fashion Killa Fashion Killa 0 Customized your clothing 10
Cool Whip Cool Whip 0 Applied a custom wrap to your ride 10
Kick it Kick it 0 Used max Burst Nitrous 5 times during Lakeshore Online events 10
Drop the Beat Drop the Beat 0 Used max Burst Nitrous 5 times during story mode events 10

Secret Achievements

New Crew New Crew 0 Completed Qualifier 1 10
Oh, It's On Oh, It's On 0 Completed Qualifier 2 20
Lake Better Watch Out Lake Better Watch Out 0 Completed Qualifier 3 20
Found Family Found Family 0 Completed the Grand 50
Hey Lakeshore Hey Lakeshore 0 Completed the prologue 10