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Starsand Achievements

Full list of Starsand achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Starsand has 27 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

A start in the sand A start in the sand 0 Complete the tutorial 25
One day and one night One day and one night 0 Survive 1 day in the desert 25
Pathfinder Pathfinder 0 Place 10 markers or turrets on the map 25
Cartographer Cartographer 0 Find all locations 100
Water is life Water is life 0 Find all oases 25
Dive-bomb Dive-bomb 0 Dive into the water from a height 25
FuriousDrink FuriousDrink 0 Drink too much water 25
OFF! OFF! 0 Repel the swarm of flies with a torch 25
Ready to fight Ready to fight 0 Wear every piece of armor 25
Ranger of the sand Ranger of the sand 0 Ride a camel 25
Tomb raider Tomb raider 0 Explore the pyramid 25
Vegan Vegan 0 Survive a week without eating animals 25
Massacre Massacre 0 Kill 35 aliens 25
Gear up! Gear up! 0 Wear the Gods' Suit 25
Historian Historian 0 Find all Chronicles 50
Lamb’s bread Lamb’s bread 0 Cut down 20 canapa plants 25
Blow them up Blow them up 0 Kill 3 aliens with a single explosion 25
Home alone Home alone 0 Kill 15 aliens using traps 25
First credo First credo 0 Find the credits stele 25
Been there, done death Been there, done death 0 Experience death for the first time 25
Curiosone Curiosone 0 Check what lies at the bottom of the lake 25
Minestrone Minestrone 0 Cook all the recipes 50
1001 scarabian finds 1001 scarabian finds 0 Find all types of beetles 100
Gift from the Gods Gift from the Gods 0 Make it rain 50
Torch bearer Torch bearer 0 Burn the nest 50
Peacemaker Peacemaker 0 Kill 60 aliens with the Seeder rifle 25
Destiny's call Destiny's call 0 Fulfill your destiny through the portal 100