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Yuppie Psycho Achievements

Full list of Yuppie Psycho achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Yuppie Psycho has 48 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Deal with the Devil Deal with the Devil 0 Sign the contract with Sintracorp. 15
Photocopied Soul Photocopied Soul 0 Save your game with the photocopier. 15
Welcome to Sintracorp Welcome to Sintracorp 0 Access Sintranet. 15
The Hammer of Witches The Hammer of Witches 0 Get Hexenhammer. 15
Family Plot Family Plot 0 Get the photo of the Sintra family. 15
Employee of the Month Employee of the Month 0 Clear the poisonous air and talk to Dumont. 15
The Key The Key 0 Get the key to the graveyard. 15
She She 0 Find the Witch. 15
Back to Work Back to Work 0 Go back to your office after the party. 15
Head of the Company Head of the Company 0 Rebuild the robot. 15
Break the Curse Break the Curse 0 Wake up Domori. 15
Sweet Child o' Mine Sweet Child o' Mine 0 Use Sintra's swing. 15
Motivational Meeting Motivational Meeting 0 Pass Colonel Dumont's test without making any mistakes. 15
Junkman Junkman 0 Give Doshi what he's looking for. 15
Crow's Nest Crow's Nest 0 Find R.C.'s lair. 15
Ink Thirst Ink Thirst 0 Use an ink cartridge on the Dot Matrix. 15
Shortcut Shortcut 0 Place three boxes in Office E. 15
Cat's out of the Bag Cat's out of the Bag 0 Feed Sosa's cats. 15
Promotion Promotion 0 Pass the Initiation test on the second floor. 15
Vapor Pool Vapor Pool 0 Talk to Sintra in Sintranet's pool. 15
Corrupt Corrupt 0 Find the secret area in the Sintranet library. 15
Blessed Apparition Blessed Apparition 0 Meet A.M. 15
Voice Voice 0 Listen to the "Voice" cassette. 15
Mr. Devil Mr. Devil 0 Use the Witch paper with the mirror. 15
Athame Athame 0 Steal the dagger from Hugo's hands. 15
Witch's Son Witch's Son 0 Sacrifice all your senses. 15
Be Kind, Rewind Be Kind, Rewind 0 Get the Videoclub Misterio VIP card. 15
Work Friends Work Friends 0 Save all your friends from the Witch's hands. 50
Ending: I'm better off at home Ending: I'm better off at home 0 Leave the company without signing the contract. 40
Ending: Fired Ending: Fired 0 Leave the company after Hugo fired you. 40
Ending: Back home Ending: Back home 0 Leave the company with Rei Sintra as the new CEO. 40
Ending: Stay with me Ending: Stay with me 0 Go to the rooftop with Kate. 40
Cleaning Boy Cleaning Boy 0 Find the truth of Hugo's identity. 15
Super Hugo Super Hugo 0 Discover Hugo's final fate. 15
Virtual Ghost Virtual Ghost 0 Find Rei's ghost in Corvo's Sintranet. 15
Unique Soul Unique Soul 0 Don't use any photocopiers during the game. 50
Familiars Familiars 0 Find all the familiar's illustrations. 15
Control Control 0 Watch all the scenes in the video surveillance area. 50
Forrest Kaysen Forrest Kaysen 0 Find the secret of the numbers. 15
Lost Tapes Lost Tapes 0 Watch three lost tapes. 15
Burn, Witch, Burn! Burn, Witch, Burn! 0 Die by being burned at the stake. 15
Promotion Promotion 0 Promote Mr. Chapman to the fourth floor. 15
Big Brother Big Brother 0 Beat the video surveillance boss. 15
Oh, Kalfou Oh, Kalfou 0 Steal the Dagger from the secret office. 15
Daddy Daddy 0 Become Mr. Devil. 15
Ending: Goodbye. Ending: Goodbye. 0 Say goodbye to Sintra. 40
Ending: The Boss of It All Ending: The Boss of It All 0 Become Sintracorp's CEO. 40
Ending: The Secret of My Success Ending: The Secret of My Success 0 Make Mr. Chapman CEO of Sintracorp. 40