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Gunfire Reborn Achievements

Full list of Gunfire Reborn achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Gunfire Reborn has 86 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

First Blood First Blood 0 Die for the first time. 1
Death Proof Death Proof 0 Die 100 times. 11
All for Nothing All for Nothing 0 Die when the BOSS has 10% HP or less remaining. 5
Die After Revival Die After Revival 0 Die within 10 seconds after Revival. 6
Abstracted Driver Abstracted Driver 0 Be killed by a trap twice in a single game. 10
Lava Hell Lava Hell 0 Die from Burning. 6
Lethal Gas Lethal Gas 0 Die from Decay. 7
Thunder Outrage Thunder Outrage 0 Die from Shock. 6
Painful Death Painful Death 0 Die with over 4,000 copper. 12
Shopaholic Shopaholic 0 Buy 100 items from the Peddler. 12
Generous Boss Generous Boss 0 Buy everything at the Peddler. 19
One More Time One More Time 0 Spend over 2,000 copper to Reforge at the same Craftsman. 15
A Penny Left A Penny Left 0 Unable to purchase any items at the Peddler in a BOSS Stage. 10
Money for Nothing Money for Nothing 0 Purchase items from 3 Peddlers without spending copper in a single game. 11
Enlightened Beast Enlightened Beast 0 Defeat Lu Wu for the first time. 3
Slayer of Ichthyosaur Slayer of Ichthyosaur 0 Defeat Ichthyosaurus Offspring for the first time. 6
Powerful Fire Powerful Fire 0 Defeat any boss within 10s. 16
Deft Move Deft Move 0 Defeat any boss without taking any damage. 8
Rookie Rookie 0 Equip 1 Occult Scroll. 1
Junior Junior 0 Equip 10 Occult Scrolls. 4
Field Proficiency Field Proficiency 0 Equip 15 Occult Scrolls. 6
Expert Expert 0 Equip 5 Legendary Occult Scrolls. 7
Master Master 0 Equip 10 Legendary Occult Scrolls. 14
New Beginning New Beginning 0 Equip 2 weapons. 1
Sharpshooter Sharpshooter 0 Deal 100 consecutive Crit hits. 10
Tactical Sniper Tactical Sniper 0 Kill 1,000 enemies at a distance of 30 meter or more. 16
Savage Butcher Savage Butcher 0 Kill 1,000 enemies within a distance of 4 meters. 13
Blacksmith's Apprentice Blacksmith's Apprentice 0 Upgrade Weapon once at the Craftsman. 2
Just for Fun Just for Fun 0 Reforge a weapon at the Craftsman. 8
Best Equipment Best Equipment 0 Have 5 Inscriptions on a Weapon. 4
Rambo Rambo 0 Fire 100,000 ammo. 13
Grenade Master Grenade Master 0 Defeat 1,000 enemies with Secondary Skill. 13
Dual-Wield Elite Dual-Wield Elite 0 With Ao Bai, have a single Dual-Wield last for over 60 seconds. 17
Energy Orb Master Energy Orb Master 0 With Crown Prince, use Energy Orb to freeze enemies for over 1,000 seconds in total. 12
Happy-Go-Lucky Happy-Go-Lucky 0 Break 3,000 Jars. 13
An Eye for Detail An Eye for Detail 0 Discover a Hidden Stage for the first time. 2
Elementary Upgrade Elementary Upgrade 0 Upgrade the first Talent. 1
Ultimate Grinder Ultimate Grinder 0 Reach Level 100. 13
Chronic Disaster Chronic Disaster 0 Be affected by Burning, Decay and Shock in a single game. 5
Burning City Burning City 0 Defeat 1,000 Burning enemies. 12
Poison Ivy Poison Ivy 0 Defeat 1,000 Decaying enemies. 11
Electromagnetic Effect Electromagnetic Effect 0 Defeat 1,000 Shocked enemies. 13
Hallucination Poison Hallucination Poison 0 Inflict Manipulation Effect on enemies 50 times in a single game. 14
Mad Bomber Mad Bomber 0 Inflict Explosion Effect on enemies 50 times in a single game. 6
Gas Attack Gas Attack 0 Inflict Miasma Effect on enemies 50 times in a single game. 7
Combat Medic Combat Medic 0 Revive Teammates 100 times. 15
Easy Win Easy Win 0 Revived after teammates complete the stages. 8
Team Captain Team Captain 0 Pass a stage with all teammates being knocked down. 9
Hard Fight Hard Fight 0 Pass all stages with all teammates being knocked down 10 times or more in a single game. 10
Death of Yoruhime-Maru Death of Yoruhime-Maru 0 Kill Yoruhime-Maru for the first time. 8
No Way to Escape No Way to Escape 0 Be killed by an Exploding Lantern Spirit. 10
No Place to Hide No Place to Hide 0 Be hooked 5 times by White Shark in a battle. 14
Crab Buffet Crab Buffet 0 Kill 30 Fiddler Crabs with Fire DMG in a battle. 20
Wave-like Subtle Step Wave-like Subtle Step 0 Open all chests in the trap level without taking damage. 10
Top Athlete Top Athlete 0 Open all chests in the jumping level. 11
Conqueror Conqueror 0 Complete Elite difficulty for the first time. 11
Buzzer Beater Buzzer Beater 0 Kill Corrupt Monk before the Exploding Lantern Spirits are summoned. 6
Worm Hunter Worm Hunter 0 Kill 50 Desert worms without taking any damage. 15
Battlefield Radar Battlefield Radar 0 Kill Yoruhime-Maru without taking any damage from Elysian Artillery. 11
Air Strike Air Strike 0 With Qing Yan, kill 5 or more enemies in a single Leap 50 times. 25
Eyes on Weakness Eyes on Weakness 0 Kill 50 Rogue Arsonists by breaking the oil barrels on their backs. 15
Erudition Erudition 0 Encounter all elite monsters. 14
Painting Master Painting Master 0 Unlock all monsters in the logbook. 14
Victory of Crown Prince Victory of Crown Prince 0 Win a game as Crown Prince. 11
Victory of Ao Bai Victory of Ao Bai 0 Win a game as Ao Bai. 14
Victory of Qing Yan Victory of Qing Yan 0 Win a game as Qing Yan. 15
Arms Dealer Arms Dealer 0 Unlock all weapons. 20
Art of Explosion Art of Explosion 0 Kill 100 enemies by Explosive/Corrosive Barrels. 10
Victory of Lei Luo Victory of Lei Luo 0 Win a game as Lei Luo. 15
Son of Thunder Son of Thunder 0 With Lei Luo, use Fatal Current for more than 1000 seconds in total. 17
Philanthropist Philanthropist 0 Share 100 items in total. 15
Lucky Draw Lucky Draw 0 Obtain a weapon with two or more exclusive inscriptions. 10
Professional Athlete Professional Athlete 0 Complete Normal difficulty in 30 minutes. 21
Sports Car Sports Car 0 Complete Elite difficulty in 30 minutes. 27
The Sky is the Limit The Sky is the Limit 0 Complete Nightmare difficulty in 30 minutes. 33
Fresh Start Fresh Start 0 Complete one Daily Challenge. 19
Master of Daily Challenge Master of Daily Challenge 0 Complete five different Daily Challenges. 33
Legendary Shot Legendary Shot 0 Deals more than 300,000 damage in a single hit. 15
Advanced Weapon Advanced Weapon 0 Carry a weapon whose level is higher than 12. 11
Everlasting Martyr Everlasting Martyr 0 Kill Golem for the first time. 7
Raging Winds Raging Winds 0 Kill Wind God for the first time. 9
Victory of Tao Victory of Tao 0 Win a game as Tao. 15
Sword Storm Sword Storm 0 With Tao, summon more than 10,000 flying swords. 17
Pacified Serpent Pacified Serpent 0 Defeat Abyssal Serpent for the first time. 11
Drown Into Nightmare Drown Into Nightmare 0 Complete Nightmare difficulty for the first time. 15
1 Life Clear 1 Life Clear 0 Complete any difficulty without spending any soul essence to revive. 12