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7 Days of Rose Achievements

Full list of 7 Days of Rose achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

7 Days of Rose has 15 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Day One Day One 0 Complete the first day. 75
Day Two Day Two 0 Complete the second day. 75
Day Three Day Three 0 Complete the third day. 75
Day Four Day Four 0 Complete the fourth day. 75
Day Five Day Five 0 Complete the fifth day. 75
Day Six Day Six 0 Complete the sixth day. 75
The End The End 0 Complete the story. 75
Meet Rose Meet Rose 0 Talk to Rose on the terrace. 25
Museum Museum 0 Explore the museum with Rose. 50
Hot Springs Hot Springs 0 Relax with Rose at the hot springs. 50
It's Not What You Think! It's Not What You Think! 0 Meet Rose at the shop. 50
Child In Need Child In Need 0 Help Kevin find his mother. 75
Jenna Cares Jenna Cares 0 Talk to Jenna at the restaurant. 75
Rose Steals The Show Rose Steals The Show 0 Help Rose ruin the event. 75
The Dance The Dance 0 Dance with Rose. 75