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SWORD ART ONLINE Last Recollection Achievements

Full list of SWORD ART ONLINE Last Recollection achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

SWORD ART ONLINE Last Recollection has 44 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Last Recollection Last Recollection 0 Unlocked all achievements. 115
World's Dawn World's Dawn 0 Cleared the final chapter. 50
Blade of Calamities Blade of Calamities 0 Cleared all Sacred Disaster Quests. 50
At the Top At the Top 0 Learned and enhanced all Skills. 50
Recollections of the Soul Recollections of the Soul 0 Completed 100% of the gallery. 50
Going to Extremes Going to Extremes 0 Fully learned and enhanced a Skill Tree. 35
The Lost Sword Skill The Lost Sword Skill 0 Learned the ultimate secret technique. 35
Pro Hero Pro Hero 0 Raised Kirito's Rank to 50. 35
Threads that Bind Threads that Bind 0 Obtained a reward outfit. 35
With You With You 0 Raised a character's affinity to max. 35
Girl From the Heavens Girl From the Heavens 0 Cleared Chapter 1. 15
New Adventure New Adventure 0 Cleared Chapter 2. 15
Land of Everlasting Darkness Land of Everlasting Darkness 0 Cleared Chapter 3. 15
The Road to Peace The Road to Peace 0 Cleared Chapter 4. 15
The Death Bell Knells The Death Bell Knells 0 Cleared Chapter 5. 15
Let Blood Stain the Land Let Blood Stain the Land 0 Cleared Chapter 6. 15
Otherworld War Otherworld War 0 Cleared Chapter 7. 15
For Whom the Requiem Is Sung For Whom the Requiem Is Sung 0 Cleared Chapter 8. 15
Knights of the Three Worlds Knights of the Three Worlds 0 Cleared Chapter 9. 15
Light and Dark Light and Dark 0 Cleared Chapter 10. 15
Laying the Foundation Laying the Foundation 0 Cleared the basic tutorial. 15
For a Friend For a Friend 0 Cleared a quest that appeared in the field. 15
Helping Hand Helping Hand 0 Cleared a quest from someone in the city. 15
On the Hunt On the Hunt 0 Cleared a Hunting Quest. 15
Braving the Storm Braving the Storm 0 Cleared a Disaster Quest. 15
The Blade That Can Fell Gods The Blade That Can Fell Gods 0 Defeated a Divine Beast. 15
Gimme All You Got Gimme All You Got 0 Defeated a powerful beast. 15
Legendary Weapon Legendary Weapon 0 Obtained a legendary weapon. 15
Legendary Armor Legendary Armor 0 Obtained legendary armor. 15
Legendary Accessory Legendary Accessory 0 Obtained a legendary accessory. 15
Expert Shopper Expert Shopper 0 Bought a Rare Find. 15
Gourmet Gourmet 0 Ate a cooked meal. 15
This Is What Sword Skills Can Do! This Is What Sword Skills Can Do! 0 Finished an enemy with a Sword Skill. 15
Sheer Will Sheer Will 0 Finished off a foe with Finish Arts. 15
Resonant Strike Resonant Strike 0 Finished off a foe with Unison Arts. 15
Let's go together! Let's go together! 0 Used an Ally Skill. 15
In Perfect Harmony In Perfect Harmony 0 Reached max combo level. 15
Nothing Gets Through Me Nothing Gets Through Me 0 Performed a Perfect Guard. 15
Breakthrough Breakthrough 0 Charged the Break Gauge to full. 15
Noice! Noice! 0 Gave a Nice! 15
The First Step The First Step 0 Learned or enhanced a Skill. 15
The Art of War The Art of War 0 Customized a Tactical Art. 15
Friendship Friendship 0 Increased a character's affinity. 15
What's this Sparkle? What's this Sparkle? 0 Discovered a luminous object. 15