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Babol the Walking Box Achievements

Full list of Babol the Walking Box achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Babol the Walking Box has 14 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Dead meat Dead meat 0 Die for the first time 10
Died 10 times Died 10 times 0 Die 10 times 10
Died 30 times Died 30 times 0 Die 30 times 20
Novice jumper Novice jumper 0 Jump 10 times 10
Amateur jumper Amateur jumper 0 Jump 72 times 50
Expert jumper Expert jumper 0 Jump 300 times 50

Secret Achievements

Aaahh, it's a bear! Aaahh, it's a bear! 0 Escape from the bear 50
Jello Cactus defeated Jello Cactus defeated 0 Defeat Jello Cactus 100
Aaahh, it's an elephant! Aaahh, it's an elephant! 0 Escape from the elephant 100
Boo Boo defeated Boo Boo defeated 0 Defeat Boo Boo 100
Aaahh, it's a polar bear! Aaahh, it's a polar bear! 0 Escape from the polar bear 100
Rolli Molli defeated Rolli Molli defeated 0 Defeat Rolli Molli 100
Aaahh, it's a lion! Aaahh, it's a lion! 0 Escape from the lion 100
Dr. Magico defeated Dr. Magico defeated 0 Defeat Dr. Magico 200