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Cassiodora Achievements

Full list of Cassiodora achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Cassiodora has 33 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

First Lesson First Lesson 0 Complete the Tutorial 25
Capitalist Capitalist 0 Get all Cassiodora coins 40
Hot Outfit Hot Outfit 0 Unlock all Agni skins 40
Freezing Outfit Freezing Outfit 0 Unlock all Colden skins 40
Shocking Outfit Shocking Outfit 0 Unlock all Luken skins 40
Best Friend Best Friend 0 Unlock the Elemental Guardians 25
Challenge Accepted Challenge Accepted 0 Complete all level challenges 40
I'd rather die than lose my life I'd rather die than lose my life 0 Recover the life crystal at least 50 times 25
Super! Super! 0 Achieve Rank S at least in 20 levels 40
Phenomenal Cosmic Powers Phenomenal Cosmic Powers 0 Use all the Special Powers at least once 25
Fire Power Fire Power 0 Unlock all Agni shots 30
Cold War Cold War 0 Unlock all Colden shots 30
Shock Wave Shock Wave 0 Unlock all Luken shots 30
Good boy! Good boy! 0 Pet your Elemental Guardian at least once 25
Training Wheels Protocol Training Wheels Protocol 0 Finish the game in Apprentice difficult 25
You can do better, right? You can do better, right? 0 Finish the game in Squire difficult 25
Nothing More Than the Obligation Nothing More Than the Obligation 0 Finish the game in Warrior difficult 30
Cheater! Cheater! 0 Finish the game in Knight difficult 40
We are the Champions We are the Champions 0 Get all achievements 40

Secret Achievements

Beautiful hair Beautiful hair 0 Defeat Whomping Oak 25
Cry baby Cry baby 0 Defeat Blackplume and Tailbreak 25
Boom! Boom! 0 Defeat Pumpking Mike 25
Bravo! Bravo! 0 Defeat Erik, The Brave 25
Greek Beauty Greek Beauty 0 Defeat The Medusa 25
Still Alone Still Alone 0 Defeat Kenzar, The Maleficent 25
No more back from the dead No more back from the dead 0 Defeat Lord Necrom 25
Walk in the Woods Walk in the Woods 0 Complete the Forest region 30
Where's My Water? Where's My Water? 0 Complete the Desert region 30
This is Halloween This is Halloween 0 Complete the Graveyard region 30
Just Keep Swimming Just Keep Swimming 0 Complete the Cold Land region 30
Where's Perseus? Where's Perseus? 0 Complete the Temple region 30
Warming Up Warming Up 0 Complete the Volcano region 30
Highway to Hell Highway to Hell 0 Complete the Underworld region 30