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Prison Simulator Achievements

Full list of Prison Simulator achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Prison Simulator has 64 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

One.. Two.. Three? One.. Two.. Three? 0 Complete morning attendance check routine 10
Let's takie it Let's takie it 0 Take found contraband for yourself 10
Work harder! Work harder! 0 Force prisoners to work overtime 10
Sorry to interrupt you Sorry to interrupt you 0 Talk to the 15 prisoners during their intimate moment 10
The cause of the fire was fire The cause of the fire was fire 0 Put out the fire 10
Nap time! Nap time! 0 Spend your free time on the corridor bench 10
Everything’s gonna be ok Everything’s gonna be ok 0 End up in the infirmary 10
First Day First Day 0 Finish your first day 10
NBA enthusiast NBA enthusiast 0 Win the basketball game bet 10
Strongman Strongman 0 Win the weight lifting game bet 10
Smuggler buster Smuggler buster 0 Confiscate or take 10 contrabands from the prisoners 10
Drug dealer Drug dealer 0 Sell 20 packs of drugs 30
Any last words? Any last words? 0 Execute your first prisoner 10
Over 9000! Over 9000! 0 Execute the prisoner with 10.000 volts 10
Good Guard, bad guard? Good Guard, bad guard? 0 Ignore the reprehensible behaviour of the prisoner 10
None shall pass None shall pass 0 Reject prisoner 10
Extreme life Extreme life 0 Cause the prisoners respect status to 10% 10
A deal is a deal A deal is a deal 0 Pay your first bribe 10
Dirty money Dirty money 0 Make 1000$ from dirty buisness with prisoners 10
Prison bully Prison bully 0 Beat 20 prisoners without any reason 10
Hawkeye Hawkeye 0 Report 30 incidents during the monitoring duty 10
Spring cleaning Spring cleaning 0 Search 16 cells in block B during cell shakedown routine 10
Almost like home Almost like home 0 Buy all the avaliable prison upgrades and furniture 30
Asta la vista Asta la vista 0 Buy all available weapon 10
Cookie monster Cookie monster 0 Find and take 30 cookies 30
Small talk Small talk 0 Talk with prisoners 100 times 10
Use thundershock! Use thundershock! 0 Paralyze 30 inmates with teaser 30
Smelly guy Smelly guy 0 Let the smelly guy take a shower first 10
Justice was served Justice was served 0 End warden's dirty drug buisness 10
On the top On the top 0 Your prison gain 1st place on the top list 10
Collectibles hunter Collectibles hunter 0 Collect all hiden prison booty 30
Sapper is only wrong once Sapper is only wrong once 0 Fail the bomb event 10
Detective Detective 0 Collect all evidence from the secret laboratory 10
Done Done 0 Schedule your day with Free Play 10
Best buddy officer Best buddy officer 0 Gain 100% prisoner’s respect 30
The best of the best The best of the best 0 Gain 100% officers’ respect 10
Do not disturb Do not disturb 0 Enter the “wet” room uninvited 10
Not on my watch Not on my watch 0 End the riot 10
I’m badass I’m badass 0 Finish the campaign on Permadeath difficulty 50
Darts master Darts master 0 Win bet of darts mini game 10
Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! 0 Take the contraband for yourself 100 times 10
Riot? What riot? Riot? What riot? 0 End the riots 5 times 30
Handyman Handyman 0 Fix a broken camera 10
There will be salt There will be salt 0 Eat 20 salty chips 30
Gold Keeper Gold Keeper 0 Confiscate or take contraband 500 times 30
Unstoppable Unstoppable 0 Gain maximum stamina level 10
Legs Day Legs Day 0 Gain maximum speed level 10
The great escape The great escape 0 Witness a prisoner escape 10
Are You Finished Are You Finished 0 Urge the prisoner in the shower 30
It’s just a fuse It’s just a fuse 0 Restore the electricity 10
It’s just a tiny wound It’s just a tiny wound 0 Finish your day with low HP 30
What’s inside? What’s inside? 0 Open the parcel you were supposed to deliver 30
Is this a Post office Is this a Post office 0 Search 50 parcels 30
Luck of the newbie Luck of the newbie 0 Defuse the bomb 10
Scourer Scourer 0 Throw 20 garbages to right bin 10
NBA weirdo enthusiast NBA weirdo enthusiast 0 Throw garbage into basketball basket 30
Iron Man Iron Man 0 Gain maximum defense 10
Stronger than anyone Stronger than anyone 0 Gain maximum strength 30
Oh, you're approaching me? Oh, you're approaching me? 0 Throw a piece of garbage on prisoner 10
Give me your strongest potion Give me your strongest potion 0 Buy a lemonade 10
Settle it in prison smash Settle it in prison smash 0 Pacify guard 10
Knock out them all! Knock out them all! 0 Knockout 50 people 10
You've met with a terrible fate,haven't you? You've met with a terrible fate,haven't you? 0 Lose consciousness 3 times 30
I mustn't run away! I mustn't run away! 0 Use all your stamina 10