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Watch Over Christmas Achievements

Full list of Watch Over Christmas achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Watch Over Christmas has 43 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Fool's Mate Fool's Mate 0 Open Krampus's vault in 4 moves. 30
Don't Think It, Ink It Don't Think It, Ink It 0 Fill all the color containers. 30
Gift Collector Gift Collector 0 Find all Presents. 90
No Easy Way Out No Easy Way Out 0 Try to exchange the Mandrake. 15
Practical Sense Practical Sense 0 Light the candles the smart way. 30
Naughty Cisco Naughty Cisco 0 Be a naughty little brother. 15
Wishful Thinking Wishful Thinking 0 Make a wish. 15
The Witty Spirit The Witty Spirit 0 The curiosity of being curious. 30
A Stubborn Effort A Stubborn Effort 0 Determined to pick it up. 15
Perfect Orientation Perfect Orientation 0 Just let them rotate! 30
Madame Astraea Madame Astraea 0 Get a prediction of your future. 15
Well-nigh Achieved Well-nigh Achieved 0 So close yet so far. 10
The Great Fir Tree The Great Fir Tree 0 Find out the relationship between Santa and Krampus. 15
Almost A Prison Break Almost A Prison Break 0 Escape your cell. 30

Secret Achievements

Risky Entrance Risky Entrance 0 Enter the attic. 30
A Strange Letter A Strange Letter 0 Read the letter found in the attic. 15
Cryptex Decrypted Cryptex Decrypted 0 Open the cryptex. 30
Kosmos Is Alive Kosmos Is Alive 0 Meet the Christmas Spirit. 15
Because Someone Has To Do It Because Someone Has To Do It 0 Prepare the Old Man's fish oil. 15
A Hunter's Trick A Hunter's Trick 0 Prepare a spray that neutralizes your smell. 30
Know Your Mushrooms Know Your Mushrooms 0 Find the Old Man's Cabin. 15
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! 0 Win the Witch Contest. 30
The Guardian Spirit The Guardian Spirit 0 Get past La Befana's guard. 30
Unleashed Puck Unleashed Puck 0 Get full access to La Befana's tent. 15
La Befana At Last La Befana At Last 0 Meet La Befana. 30
Welcome To The Spirit World Welcome To The Spirit World 0 Step into the Spirit World. 15
Clockmaker Clockmaker 0 Fix the clock tower in the Central Node. 30
New Citizenship New Citizenship 0 Become a citizen of Krampus's village. 15
Lost and Found Tracker Lost and Found Tracker 0 Find Mr. Alabaster's reading glasses. 15
Love Of Science Love Of Science 0 Use Mom's mini-lab for a successful identification. 30
Spoil The Sling Spoil The Sling 0 Break Slinky's streak. 15
Captive Spell Captive Spell 0 Gather all the ingredients for the spell. 30
Cozy Cat Cozy Cat 0 Make a cozy spot for the cat. 15
The Secret Of Iron Maiden The Secret Of Iron Maiden 0 Escape Krampus's dungeons. 30
Smoke It Like The Indians Smoke It Like The Indians 0 Contact the village and get the Unicorn's horn back. 15
Be Water My Friend Be Water My Friend 0 Find water in Frozen Lands. 15
Trials Of Wit And Courage Trials Of Wit And Courage 0 Successfully go through the Unicorn's trials. 30
Reunion Reunion 0 Reunite with Kosmos. 15
The Prison Globe The Prison Globe 0 Acquire the special snow globe from Jack Frost. 15
I Hate Traps I Hate Traps 0 Deactivate the statue's trap. 15
Krampus Is Imprisoned Krampus Is Imprisoned 0 Defeat Krampus once and for all. 30
The Key, The secret The Key, The secret 0 Solve the pop-up book riddle. 15
Santa! Santa! 0 Find and free Santa. 30