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Dad's Monster House Achievements

Full list of Dad's Monster House achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Dad's Monster House has 21 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Unsettling Phone Call Unsettling Phone Call 0 Receive Papa's phone call and head to the Monster House 0
Inquisitive Inquisitive 0 Find the insect hiding in the plant 50
Kind Gesture Kind Gesture 0 Help the dough man have a hot bath 50
Game Champ Game Champ 0 Complete the game on the game console in as few steps as possible 50
Onion Person Onion Person 0 Help the onion person Oniona repair the water pump 50
Machine Language Machine Language 0 Find the binary converter 50
Secret Room Secret Room 0 Crack the password to the secret bookshelf door 50
Save Roboto Save Roboto 0 Help Roboto the robot apply machine oil 50
No Finesse No Finesse 0 Give the Woody Sisters the wrong hat 50
Happy Sisters Happy Sisters 0 Give the Woody Sisters the right hat 50
Flower Sender Flower Sender 0 Give Milo a flower 50
Kind Soul Kind Soul 0 Heal the monster's tentacle 50
Pharmacist Pharmacist 0 Successfully concoct the antidote 50
Fully Prepared Fully Prepared 0 Prepare the antidote before saving Papa 50
Sad Story Sad Story 0 Fail to save Papa 50
Close Call Close Call 0 Prepare the antidote at the spot and save Papa 50
Found ya! Found ya! 0 Discover Blackie in all of her resting locations 50
Papa's Diary Papa's Diary 0 Collect all diary entries 50
Secret Finder Secret Finder 0 Discover the digits on Blackie's necklace 50
Lovely Memory Lovely Memory 0 Find all photos from the past 50
Great Scholar Great Scholar 0 Find all scientists 50