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TRANSIRUBY Achievements

Full list of TRANSIRUBY achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

TRANSIRUBY has 36 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Start exploring! Start exploring! 0 Enter the dimension realm 20
Keep record Keep record 0 Save at the savepoint 20
Yellow boxes Yellow boxes 0 Open a container 20
Ruin in heaven Ruin in heaven 0 Reach Area 2 20
The coldest place The coldest place 0 Reach Area 3 20
Sunken city Sunken city 0 Reach Area 4 20
Those asleep in the woods Those asleep in the woods 0 Defeat Military server: Calasma 20
Guardian of the ruins Guardian of the ruins 0 Defeat Cyberbrain manager: Izuriha 20
Challenger of frost Challenger of frost 0 Defeat Ballistic Computer: Midroga 20
Shooting master Shooting master 0 Defeat the Grand Unknown 20
It couldn't be avoided It couldn't be avoided 0 Defeat Yamato 20
Savior Savior 0 Defeat the Phony Angel 20
To each his own To each his own 0 See the ending 30
Application accepted Application accepted 0 See a slightly different ending 30
Remember your roots Remember your roots 0 Read the manual 20
Beauty Beauty 0 See all the pictures in the gallery 20
Monster hunter Monster hunter 0 Defeat 3000 Dark Materians 20
Monster freezer Monster freezer 0 Freeze 1000 Dark Materians 20
Safe driving Safe driving 0 Defeat 300 Dark Materians in bike mode 20
Block crusher Block crusher 0 Destroy 1000 blocks 20
Transiruby master Transiruby master 0 Clear the game with 100% completion rate 30
Miracle player Miracle player 0 Clear the game without dying 60
Vroom vroom! Vroom vroom! 0 Hit a 99 chain combo 20
Speedmaster Bronze Speedmaster Bronze 0 Achieve bronze in time attack mode 20
Speedmaster Silver Speedmaster Silver 0 Achieve silver in time attack mode 30
Speedmaster Gold Speedmaster Gold 0 Achieve gold in time attack mode 60
Ready to go Ready to go 0 Collect all element cartridges 20
Body of steel Body of steel 0 Collect all life cartridges 20
Tranchip mania Tranchip mania 0 Collect all Mega Tranchips 20
Enemy mania Enemy mania 0 Collect all Dark Quartz 20
Lost and found Lost and found 0 Find all wandering Dramos 20
Siruby came, Siruby saw Siruby came, Siruby saw 0 See the black cyborg 3 times 20
Sushi coinossoir Sushi coinossoir 0 Find secret item "Sushi" 60
Food! Food! 0 Find secret item "Hamburger" 60
Fly high! Fly high! 0 Find secret item "Emblem" 60
Whose the maker? Whose the maker? 0 Find secret item "Skipmore" 60