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Organic Panic Achievements

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There are 16 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Adventure Achievement Adventure Achievement 0 Complete every level in Adventure mode 200
Bonus Achievement Bonus Achievement 0 Complete every level in Bonus mode 50
Coop Achievement Coop Achievement 0 Complete every level in Coop mode 200
Drop Achievement Drop Achievement 0 Drop 10 Enemies Into Oblivion 0
Drown Achievement Drown Achievement 0 Drown 20 Enemies 0
BBQ Achievement BBQ Achievement 0 Fry Up 15 Meats 0
Hoarder Achievement Hoarder Achievement 0 Collect 100 Crystals 100
Legend Achievement Legend Achievement 0 Complete the entire game (Adventure, Bonus & Coop) 100
Master Achievement Master Achievement 0 Get 100 Gold Stars 100
Marathon Achievement Marathon Achievement 0 Run a Veggie Marathon 50
Smasher Achievement Smasher Achievement 0 Smash 5 Enemies in Cherry's Rage Mode 0
Destructor Achievement Destructor Achievement 0 Smash Through A Kiloton Of Ground With Cherry 50
Squash Achievement Squash Achievement 0 Squash or Crush a Cheese 50
Suicide Achievement Suicide Achievement 0 Take Out An Enemy With Their Own Weapon 50
Swimmer Achievement Swimmer Achievement 0 Swim A Mile 50
VS Nut Achievement VS Nut Achievement 0 Win 100 Versus Games 0