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Ad Infinitum Achievements

Full list of Ad Infinitum achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Ad Infinitum has 29 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Their names Their names 0 Find all french identification bracelets. 80
No one left behind No one left behind 0 Find all german identification plates. 80
Lost Lost 0 End up in the Asylum. 30
Morgengrauen Morgengrauen 0 Finish the Prologue. 15
Not alone Not alone 0 Have a seance. 15
Awaken Awaken 0 Get killed by a creature. 10
The shining The shining 0 Light all six searchlights. 30
Art critic Art critic 0 Inspect all paintings in the house. 30
Awaiting orders Awaiting orders 0 Answer the field-telephone six times. 30
All knowing All knowing 0 Read all letters. 80

Secret Achievements

Hope Hope 0 Grant hope to despair. 30
Clarity Clarity 0 Grant clarity to corruption. 30
Healing Healing 0 Grant healing to pain. 30
Despair Despair 0 Kill despair. 30
Corruption Corruption 0 Kill corruption. 30
Pain Pain 0 Kill pain. 30
An act of compassion An act of compassion 0 An act of compassion. 30
An act of courage An act of courage 0 An act of courage. 30
An act of mercy An act of mercy 0 An act of mercy. 30
Path of Despair Path of Despair 0 Walk the path of Despair. 15
Path of Corruption Path of Corruption 0 Walk the path Corruption. 15
Path of Pain Path of Pain 0 Walk the path of Pain. 15
Reflections Reflections 0 Look at your Reflections. 15
Ad Infinitum Ad Infinitum 0 You have passed through the fire and been reborn. 10
Peace Peace 0 Reunite with your family. 90
Jigsaw Jigsaw 0 Fully assemble the mirror. 80
Rage Rage 0 Survive the first encounter with Rage. 30
Hunger Hunger 0 Survive the first encounter with Hunger. 30
Mayhem Mayhem 0 Survive the first encounter with Mayhem. 30