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The Isle Tide Hotel Achievements

Full list of The Isle Tide Hotel achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Isle Tide Hotel has 26 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Secret Achievements

Skipper Skipper 0 Find the hidden computer to skip chapters. 30
Poor Gracie Ray Poor Gracie Ray 0 Unintentionally have Miss Ray thrown out. 10
If The Suit Fits If The Suit Fits 0 Pass the Fitting. 10
Taxi Driver's Knowledge Taxi Driver's Knowledge 0 Find an alternative way into the hotel. 10
Who is D? Who is D? 0 Partner with D. 10
The Price is Right The Price is Right 0 Partner with Price. 10
Join the Legal Team Join the Legal Team 0 Partner with Jordan. 10
Christ the Saviour Christ the Saviour 0 Accept help and enter with Christopher. 10
Josh the Saviour Josh the Saviour 0 Accept help and send Christopher home. 10
Drowned Sorrows Drowned Sorrows 0 Reject help and find another way. 30
Good Cop, Bad Cop Good Cop, Bad Cop 0 Strike a deal with the cleaner. 10
Knock, Knockout Knock, Knockout 0 Use violence for answers. 10
Passive Fist Passive Fist 0 Refuse violence for answers. 30
Lessons Never Learnt Lessons Never Learnt 0 Try to force a signature. 10
Cold Feet Cold Feet 0 Check the bed. 10
Cultipedia Cultipedia 0 Read the Personal Reports. 10
Check and No Mate Check and No Mate 0 Beat the drunk, discover the result. 10
Time Waster Time Waster 0 Do not interrupt Canapés. 10
The Pageant The Pageant 0 Discover an Ending. 95
The Petition The Petition 0 Discover an Ending. 95
The Swell Celebration The Swell Celebration 0 Discover an Ending. 95
The Escape The Escape 0 Discover an Ending. 95
The Martyr The Martyr 0 Discover an Ending. 95
The Doctor The Doctor 0 Discover an Ending. 95
The Four Doors The Four Doors 0 Discover an Ending. 95
The Fall The Fall 0 Discover an Ending. 95