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GYLT Achievements

Full list of GYLT achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

GYLT has 29 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Don't be Exposed Don't be Exposed 0 Escape from the Arcade without being detected by Exposure 30
Avoid the Violence Avoid the Violence 0 Defeat Violence in the Laboratory Without Being Hit 30
Secrets are for Ourself Secrets are for Ourself 0 Defeat Exposure 30
Violence is not the Anwser Violence is not the Anwser 0 Defeat Violence 30
Overcome the Helplessness Overcome the Helplessness 0 Escape from Helplessness 30
Let There be Light Let There be Light 0 Defeat an Enemy with the Flashlight Beam 10
Don't Look at the Light Don't Look at the Light 0 Blind Three Enemies at the Same Time 15
Backlighted Backlighted 0 Kill an enemy with a Stealth Attack 10
Avoid Conflict Avoid Conflict 0 End the Game without Killing Anyone (without bosses) 90
Avoid a Cold Avoid a Cold 0 Use the Planks to Remain Dry 15
Take it to the Hoop Take it to the Hoop 0 Hoop a can 30
Shocked! Shocked! 0 Shock an Enemy 30
Ups... Sorry Ups... Sorry 0 Hit an enemy with a can 30
Breaking the Ice Breaking the Ice 0 Freeze and Enemy and Push Him 30
I Love Snowmen I Love Snowmen 0 Freeze one Enemy of Each Type 90
No Time to Play No Time to Play 0 Try to Play other of Tequila Works Game 90
Those are her Feelings Those are her Feelings 0 Get all the Diaries 90
Helping the Missing Ones Helping the Missing Ones 0 Free all the Inhabitants 90

Secret Achievements

The Place of Nightmares The Place of Nightmares 0 Enter the school looking for Emily 10
A Way Around A Way Around 0 Get outside of the school courtyard 10
Game Over Game Over 0 Remove the battery from the Arcade core 10
What is this place? What is this place? 0 See the weirdness in the school 10
Winter Play Winter Play 0 Get into the Theater 10
Afternoon Activities Afternoon Activities 0 Access the Art Building 10
Sports Prison Sports Prison 0 Reach the Basketball Court 10
The Truth Behind the Mask The Truth Behind the Mask 0 Reach the Final Mine 10
I Just Can't Stay Here I Just Can't Stay Here 0 Escape with Sally 30
I Simply Can't Go Back I Simply Can't Go Back 0 Escape with Emily 30
You Both Deserve to Go You Both Deserve to Go 0 Escape with Both Sally and Emily 90