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Kingdom Eighties Achievements

Full list of Kingdom Eighties achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Kingdom Eighties has 31 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Confidence is an Illusion Confidence is an Illusion 0 Find the missing trophy 15
1st Down 1st Down 0 Destroy a portal in a forest 15
2nd Down 2nd Down 0 Destroy another portal 15
Hail Mary Hail Mary 0 Enter a cave 15
No Camp Pinewood! No Camp Pinewood! 0 Complete Episode I 30
Calling Dr. Martha Lesh Calling Dr. Martha Lesh 0 Complete Episode II 30
I Miss Hill Valley I Miss Hill Valley 0 Complete Episode III 30
An Excellent Adventure An Excellent Adventure 0 Complete Episode IV 30
3rd Down 3rd Down 0 Destroy a portal on the streets 30
Touchdown Touchdown 0 Destroy a portal around the mall 30
Letterman Letterman 0 Recruit someone athletic 30
Chief Technician Chief Technician 0 Recruit someone handy 30
Falken's Maze Falken's Maze 0 Recruit someone smart 30
Rover-Rooby-Roo! Rover-Rooby-Roo! 0 Recruit someone friendly 30
County Connection County Connection 0 Wait for the bus 30
BMX Model 3003 BMX Model 3003 0 Uncredited professional BMX rider making it rain coins 30
88 mph 88 mph 0 Get something back from the past 30
The Force of Freedom The Force of Freedom 0 Defeat 10 greed with a machine gun 30
REALLY REALLY Personal REALLY REALLY Personal 0 Get eaten by a shark 30
Muscle Machine Muscle Machine 0 Slap a monster truck 30
My Little Horsey! My Little Horsey! 0 Rainy day at Paradise Estate with Rainbows in tow 30
George Burnett Had Twins George Burnett Had Twins 0 Complete a level with only two workers 30
Clumsy Clumsy 0 Lose the Crown, and take it back 30
Saw Boss Saw Boss 0 Clear all the trees on any level 30
Wizard Wizard 0 Complete the game on Hard 45
Captain N Captain N 0 Complete the game on Cursed 75
Stubborn Stubborn 0 Survive for 50 days in one level 45
Don't Smell the Flowers Don't Smell the Flowers 0 Complete the game in 50 days or less 75
Loner Loner 0 Complete a level with no more than 20 kids 45
It's Not a Wishing Well It's Not a Wishing Well 0 Lose 80 coins to the waters 45
It Still Counts It Still Counts 0 Destroy a portal on Peaceful 10