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KONA II: Brume Achievements

Full list of KONA II: Brume achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

KONA II: Brume has 39 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Marche! Marche! 0 Find all dogs and pilot Charlotte's sled. 15
Journal of Hamilton Estates Journal of Hamilton Estates 0 Complete all pages of Carl's Journal that are related to the Hamilton Estates. 20
Journal of Leech Lake Journal of Leech Lake 0 Complete all pages of Carl's Journal that are related to the Leech Lake. 20
Journal of HMC Journal of HMC 0 Complete all journal pages related to the Hamilton Mining Corporation laboratory. 20
Journal of Eweewach Valley Journal of Eweewach Valley 0 Complete all journal pages related to the Eweewach Valley 20
True Detective True Detective 0 Complete all pages of Carl's Journal. 100
Inukshuk Inukshuk 0 Spot all Inukshuks. 10
Mary Mary 0 Spot all Saint Mary's statues. 15
Decontaminator Decontaminator 0 Find all Mistanite fragments. 75
Brume Neutralizer Brume Neutralizer 0 Neutralize the Brume of Manastan. 50
Paraboliques Fan Paraboliques Fan 0 Find all hockey cards of the Paraboliques of Qu├ębec. 20
Frozen Frozen 0 Find six frozen bodies. 10
Parachute Parachute 0 Open all chests with parachutes. 40
Pet Detective Pet Detective 0 Pet all dogs in front of the sled. 10
Kona Cola Kona Cola 0 Buy a drink in every vending machine. 40
Mansion in the Snow Mansion in the Snow 0 Find a snow globe of Hamilton's mansion. 10
Henryville in the Snow Henryville in the Snow 0 Find a snow globe of Henryville. 10
Mine in the Snow Mine in the Snow 0 Find a snow globe of the mine. 10
Valley in the Snow Valley in the Snow 0 Find a snow globe of the Eweewach Valley. 10
Ice Climber Ice Climber 0 Find climbing equipment. 10
La Belle Province La Belle Province 0 Complete the game. 75
Je me souviens Je me souviens 0 Complete the game in survival mode. 100
Fixer Fixer 0 Collect 100 spare parts. 15
Electrician Electrician 0 Collect 40 batteries. 15
Herbivore Herbivore 0 Collect 20 herbs. 15
Armed to the Teeth Armed to the Teeth 0 Find all weapons. 40
Animal Lover Animal Lover 0 Complete the game without killing any animal (except for Brume animals). 75
Cymbals Cymbals 0 Find all jolly chimps. 15
Pinto Pinto 0 Break the song. 10
Not Very Effective Not Very Effective 0 Shoot 10 bullets at the wendigo. 15

Secret Achievements

Love Cabin Love Cabin 0 Find Hamilton and Cynthia's secret cabin. 10
Day 2 Day 2 0 Wake up from a restful sleep. 10
The Mansion The Mansion 0 Reach Hamilton's mansion. 10
Vision Vision 0 Wake up from a dream. 10
Leech Lake Leech Lake 0 Reach Leech Lake. 10
Refuge Refuge 0 Reach the refuge. 10
Underground Underground 0 Enter the secret laboratory. 10
Backup Power Backup Power 0 Find five batteries to power the laboratory. 20
Phaser Phaser 0 Acquire the Mistanite Phaser. 20