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Hogwarts Legacy Achievements

Full list of Hogwarts Legacy achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Hogwarts Legacy has 45 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Good Samaritan The Good Samaritan 0 Complete all side quests 40
Challenge Accepted Challenge Accepted 0 Complete all tiers of a challenge 10
Collector's Edition Collector's Edition 0 Complete all collections 40
Loom for Improvement Loom for Improvement 0 Upgrade a piece of gear 10
The Root of the Problem The Root of the Problem 0 Stun 10 different enemies using a Mandrake 10
The Nature of the Beast The Nature of the Beast 0 Breed every type of beast 30
Going Through the Potions Going Through the Potions 0 Brew every type of potion 30
Put Down Roots Put Down Roots 0 Grow every type of plant 30
Third Time's a Charm Third Time's a Charm 0 Upgrade a piece of gear 3 times 30
A Talent for Spending A Talent for Spending 0 Spend 5 Talent Points 10
Savvy Spender Savvy Spender 0 Spend all Talent Points 30
Room with a View Room with a View 0 Reach the highest point in the castle, the Headmaster's upper study 10
Spilled Milk Spilled Milk 0 Use Flipendo ten times – to tip one cow or several 10
Floo Around the World Floo Around the World 0 Unlock all Floo Flames 10
Followed the Butterflies Followed the Butterflies 0 Follow butterflies to a treasure 10
Rise to the Challenges Rise to the Challenges 0 Defeat enemies in all battle arenas 40
Merlin's Beard! Merlin's Beard! 0 Complete all Merlin Trials 30
The Intrepid Explorer The Intrepid Explorer 0 Discover all cairn dungeons 15
Demiguise Dread Demiguise Dread 0 Find all Demiguise statues 15
The Ends Petrify the Means The Ends Petrify the Means 0 Defeat a total of fifty enemies using Petrificus Totalus 30
Raising Expectations Raising Expectations 0 Reach a combo of 100 20
Finishing Touches Finishing Touches 0 Use Ancient Magic on every enemy in the game 30
The Spell Master The Spell Master 0 Learn all spells 40
A Forte for Achievement A Forte for Achievement 0 Reach Level 40 80

Secret Achievements

The Sort Who Makes an Entrance The Sort Who Makes an Entrance 0 Complete the introduction and finish the Sorting Ceremony 15
The Toast of the Town The Toast of the Town 0 Find the Map Chamber as a Slytherin 10
The Auror's Apprentice The Auror's Apprentice 0 Find the Map Chamber as a Hufflepuff 10
The Gryffindor in the Graveyard The Gryffindor in the Graveyard 0 Find the Map Chamber as a Gryffindor 10
The Wise Owl The Wise Owl 0 Find the Map Chamber as a Ravenclaw 10
First Class Student First Class Student 0 Attend your first class 10
Troll with the Punches Troll with the Punches 0 Survive the troll attack on Hogsmeade 15
That's a Keeper That's a Keeper 0 Meet Charles Rookwood in the Map Chamber 15
Rising From the Ashes Rising From the Ashes 0 Rescue the phoenix 15
Grappling with a Graphorn Grappling with a Graphorn 0 Subdue the Lord of the Shore 15
The One Who Mastered Memories The One Who Mastered Memories 0 View all Pensieve memories 20
The Hallowed Hero The Hallowed Hero 0 Wield a Deathly Hallow 20
The Hero of Hogwarts The Hero of Hogwarts 0 Defeat Ranrok 30
The Seeker of Knowledge The Seeker of Knowledge 0 Win the House Cup 70
The Avenging Gazelle The Avenging Gazelle 0 Complete Natsai Onai's relationship line 15
The Defender of Dragons The Defender of Dragons 0 Save a dragon 15
Beast Friends Beast Friends 0 Complete Poppy Sweeting's relationship line 15
A Sallow Grave A Sallow Grave 0 Complete Sebastian Sallow's relationship line 15
Flight the Good Flight Flight the Good Flight 0 Beat Imelda's time in all broom races 40
A Keen Sense of Spell A Keen Sense of Spell 0 Invoke Ancient Magic for the first time 10
Coasting Along Coasting Along 0 Visit Poidsear Coast 15