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Heirs of the Kings Achievements

Full list of Heirs of the Kings achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Heirs of the Kings has 33 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Holy Sword The Holy Sword 0 Cleared the trial of the Holy Sword. 10
The Holy Spear The Holy Spear 0 Cleared the trial of the Holy Spear. 10
The Holy Rod The Holy Rod 0 Cleared the trial of the Holy Rod. 10
The Holy Bow The Holy Bow 0 Cleared the trial of the Holy Bow. 10
All the Holies All the Holies 0 Obtained all the Holies. 30
True Hero True Hero 0 Challenged Lucifer with the Holies. 100
Challenger! Challenger! 0 Cleared the Anemoss Arena. 10
Great Ability Great Ability 0 Cleared the Zarpatt Arena. 20
Arena Meister Arena Meister 0 Cleared the Kelt Arena. 50
Strongest Warrior Strongest Warrior 0 Cleared the Uvuli Arena. 100
Feet to the Ground Feet to the Ground 0 Walked 5,000 steps. 10
Should Be Healthy Should Be Healthy 0 Walked 50,000 steps. 20
Walk Lover! Walk Lover! 0 Walked 100,000 steps. 30
Treasure Getter Treasure Getter 0 Collected 50 treasure chests. 10
Treasure Collector Treasure Collector 0 Collected 100 treasure chests. 20
Treasure Maniac Treasure Maniac 0 Collected 300 treasure chests. 30
Impressive Skill Impressive Skill 0 Dealt 7,000 damage in one attack. 10
Incredible Blow Incredible Blow 0 Dealt 50,000 damage in one attack. 20
Strength Is Power Strength Is Power 0 Dealt 100,000 damage in one attack. 30
Monster Researcher Monster Researcher 0 Filled in 100 enemies for the Monster Catalog. 10
Monster Expert Monster Expert 0 Filled in 200 enemies for the Monster Catalog. 30
Kind Person Kind Person 0 Cleared all the subquests. 100
Metal Killer Metal Killer 0 Defeated 100 metal monsters. 100

Secret Achievements

This Is Where It Begins! This Is Where It Begins! 0 Watched the opening. 10
A Fated Meeting A Fated Meeting 0 Got a party together. 10
Nothing Compares to Free Nothing Compares to Free 0 Looked for a way to borrow a ship. 10
To the Great Blue! To the Great Blue! 0 Obtained a ship. 10
The Rulers' Soul Map The Rulers' Soul Map 0 Obtained all the rulers' Soul Maps. 10
Meeting the Sea God Mel Meeting the Sea God Mel 0 Obtained a submarine. 10
With the Sky Goddess Cotan With the Sky Goddess Cotan 0 Obtained an airship. 10
The Sorrow of Parting The Sorrow of Parting 0 Defeated Revil the Fire Ruler. 10
This Time, It's Me This Time, It's Me 0 Reached the normal ending. 50
The Start The Start 0 Reached the happy ending. 100