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SteamWorld Build Achievements

Full list of SteamWorld Build achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

SteamWorld Build has 28 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Digging a Hole Digging a Hole 0 Repair the Mineshaft. 15
Slotting Machine Slotting Machine 0 Have 20 Items slotted into buildings or quarters. 15
Going Places Going Places 0 Excavate the first Rocket Part. 15
Mathematic Mathematic 0 Reach the Engineer Citizen Tier. 15
Aristocratic Aristocratic 0 Reach the Aristobot Citizen Tier. 15
Systematic Systematic 0 Reach the Scientist Citizen Tier. 15
Dopa-Miner Dopa-Miner 0 Open 50 Chests across all playthroughs. 15
Mine Sweeper Mine Sweeper 0 Defeat 1000 Enemies across all playthroughs. 15
It's Yours, My Friend It's Yours, My Friend 0 Buy something from the Store. 15
Botropolis Botropolis 0 Have 2000 Citizens in your City. 30
Tutti Frutti Tutti Frutti 0 Have Miners, Prospectors, Mechanics and Guards on the same mine floor. 15
Manic Mechanic Manic Mechanic 0 Build every Machine. 15
Conducted Trade Conducted Trade 0 Complete a Trade at the Train Station. 15
Room To Spare Room To Spare 0 Reach a Global Storage of 150. 30
Whoa! Whoa! 0 Teleport a Miner 100m. 30
Steaming Rich Steaming Rich 0 Amass a fortune of 1.500.000. 30
Real Purdy Real Purdy 0 Build 100 decorations across all playthroughs. 30
Nothing But Road Nothing But Road 0 Build 100km of Roads across all playthroughs. 30
Click 'Em All Click 'Em All 0 Click 100 Tumbleweeds across all playthroughs. 30
I'm A Lumberbot I'm A Lumberbot 0 Chop down 50.000 trees across all playthroughs. 30
Accustomed Customer Accustomed Customer 0 Buy 100 Items from the Store across all playthroughs. 30
Up, Up And Away! Up, Up And Away! 0 Launch the Rocket. 50
Steam Powered Steam Powered 0 Have 40 Refineries boosted by Steam. 90
Stack Overflow Stack Overflow 0 Reach a surplus of 100 citizens for all tiers 90
Roll Out Roll Out 0 Connect 5 Extractors to a single Conveyor Belt network. 30
Gotta Go Fast Gotta Go Fast 0 Have a Minebot boosted by Speed Vents for 15 seconds. 90
Interstellar Performance Interstellar Performance 0 Launch the Rocket on Hard Difficulty. 100
Yup. Yup. 0 Launch the Rocket without building Lightning Turrets, Grenade Turrets or Floor Traps. 100