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Frog Hop Achievements

Full list of Frog Hop achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Frog Hop has 35 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Plucked! Plucked! 0 Defeat Boss 1 20
Disarmed! Disarmed! 0 Defeat Boss 2 30
Tangled! Tangled! 0 Defeat Boss 3 40
Short Fuse! Short Fuse! 0 Defeat Boss 4 50
Frog Hop Frog Hop 0 Complete the game. 100
Normal Cleared Normal Cleared 0 Beat the game on normal or higher difficulty. 30
GOLD! GOLD! 0 Collect a gold heart! 5
Double Kill Double Kill 0 Defeat 2 or more enemies without touching the ground. 10
Skilled Jumper Skilled Jumper 0 Defeat 10 or more enemies without touching the ground. 25
WOMBO COMBO WOMBO COMBO 0 Defeat 20 or more enemies without touching the ground. 50
NOT THE BEES NOT THE BEES 0 Take out an enemy with a bee. 5
Improved Stun Improved Stun 0 Stun an enemy with the blue dragonfly. 5
Totes Weak Totes Weak 0 Take out a gray guppy with your tongue attack. 5
Cutting it close Cutting it close 0 Defeat a boss with 1 health left. 10
Right back at ya Right back at ya 0 Deflect a projectile with your charge up spin attack. 10
Precision Timing Precision Timing 0 Perform a timed jump with the precision charm. 10
Super Stun Shot Super Stun Shot 0 Fire a Blue Stun Shot using the Buster Pendant. 10
Gotta Go Fast Gotta Go Fast 0 Beat a level with the Speedy Sneakers. 10
Triple Axel Triple Axel 0 Skate on ice. 10
This ain't TF2 This ain't TF2 0 Launch yourself in the air with A BOMB! 10
Phelps Phelps 0 Swim in a water stream with the Flippers. 10
Spider Bro Spider Bro 0 Create 6 spider webs at the same time. 10
Green Missile Green Missile 0 Super jump with a green grasshopper and Boost Pendant equipped. 10
This party is so lit This party is so lit 0 Create a trampoline with a lightning bug. 10
Bomb Defused Bomb Defused 0 Defuse an EVIL LIFE FACE pickup. 10
Heart Broken Heart Broken 0 Touch a black heart and not get killed. 10
Without a trace... Without a trace... 0 Beat a level while invisible. 20
Hats = GOTY Hats = GOTY 0 Wear a hat! 10
Bunny Hopper Bunny Hopper 0 Was that an earth...Quake? 10

Secret Achievements

One Giant Leap... One Giant Leap... 0 Complete the game with the rocket charm equipped. 100
Swag Hop Swag Hop 0 Complete the game on hardcore difficulty. 100
MASOCHIST MASOCHIST 0 Die 10 times on the "tutorial" level on HARDCORE difficulty. 75
To Infinity To Infinity 0 Collect all gems and beat the game with the secret charm on HARDCORE. 150
Any Last Words? Any Last Words? 0 Create a HARDCORE save file. 10