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Intrepid Izzy Achievements

Full list of Intrepid Izzy achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Intrepid Izzy has 25 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Truly Intrepid Truly Intrepid 0 Complete the game. 40
I Love I Love 0 Upgrade your health to the maximum number of hearts. 90
Reflection Reflection 0 Find all infinity mirrors. 90
Hectodeth Hectodeth 0 Defeat 100 enemies. 15
Kilodeth Kilodeth 0 Defeat 1000 enemies. 30
Material Girl Material Girl 0 Collect 500 coins. 30
Triple Whammy Triple Whammy 0 Defeat three enemies in a combo. 90
Fast Recovery Fast Recovery 0 Clear the infection. 30
What Does The Human Say? What Does The Human Say? 0 Converse with small animals. 15
Mussel Power Mussel Power 0 Find all the hidden mollusks. 30
Burger Time Burger Time 0 Defeat the Minotaur. 15
Welcome To The Juggle Welcome To The Juggle 0 Juggle an enemy. 30
Pinball Punch Pinball Punch 0 Hit an enemy using another enemy. 90
Master of Plerg Master of Plerg 0 Get the highscore for Plerg! 90
Supa Dupa Scuba Supa Dupa Scuba 0 Get the highscore for Ultra Bazoop. 90
Poppin' a Wheelie Poppin' a Wheelie 0 Get the highscore for 3D Wheel. 90

Secret Achievements

Flower Power Flower Power 0 Defeat Plantman. 15
A Grave Situation A Grave Situation 0 Defeat the Skeleton Warrior. 15
Better Than Myself Better Than Myself 0 Defeat Yzzi. 15
Sea Become Soup Sea Become Soup 0 Defeat the Leviathan. 15
Vampire Esquire Vampire Esquire 0 Collect the vampire costume. 15
So Nuts So Nuts 0 Collect the squirrel costume. 15
Underground Scene Underground Scene 0 Collect the miner costume. 15
Katana Extravaganza Katana Extravaganza 0 Collect the ninja costume. 15
Nose Job Nose Job 0 Collect the disguise. 15