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Seven Doors Achievements

Full list of Seven Doors achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Seven Doors has 17 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Welcome to Seven Doors Welcome to Seven Doors 0 The first door has opened... What awaits you behind it? 30

Secret Achievements

Kill the Dead Man Kill the Dead Man 0 You have shot the skull, and the second door has opened. 30
Diogenes Syndrome Diogenes Syndrome 0 You managed to overcome the chaos, and the third door has opened. 30
They’re Watching They’re Watching 0 You have managed to pass through the Museum of Soulless Men, and the fourth door has opened. 30
Art Connoisseur Art Connoisseur 0 You are a real connoisseur of art! The fifth door has opened. 30
Survivor Survivor 0 Very few have made it through the Hall of Tragic Fate! The sixth door has opened. 30
Egyptologist Egyptologist 0 You have deciphered the Secret of the Pharaoh and its strange symbols. The seventh door has opened. 30
The Last Skull The Last Skull 0 You have successfully completed the Last Game. The door to the hall of fame has opened! 30
Master of Riddles Master of Riddles 0 You have overcome the Seven Doors! But... is this an ending? 160
The Witch’s Haunt The Witch’s Haunt 0 You have used black magic to open the secret door… 30
Trapped in Time Trapped in Time 0 You have returned everything back to how it should be. 30
A Cabin Boy with Potential A Cabin Boy with Potential 0 You have a lot of potential, boy! I’m sure you’ll be a great pirate one day! 30
Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Day 0 Wow! You really like this turkey! 50
No Fear of the Dark No Fear of the Dark 0 In the dark? Well, whatever you prefer... 50
Don’t Touch the Rum! Don’t Touch the Rum! 0 You’ve drunk all the bottles of rum! Couldn’t you have left just a few drops? 50
Oh... You didn't think to bring it? Oh... You didn't think to bring it? 0 Did you forget your trophy on the way? Well, don't worry, we'll find something. 160
A Cautious Man Is Worth Two of His Kind A Cautious Man Is Worth Two of His Kind 0 Give a thing, and take a thing, to wear the devil’s gold ring. 200