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WILD HEARTS Achievements

Full list of WILD HEARTS achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

WILD HEARTS has 48 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Land of the Rising Sun Land of the Rising Sun 0 Successfully reached Azuma, where kemono roam free 15
Mountain Splitter Mountain Splitter 0 Successfully hunted the earthbreaker that appeared along the Harugasumi Way 15
Bonds of Enmity Bonds of Enmity 0 Successfully hunted the deathstalker ensconced in Fuyufusagi Fort 15
Axer of Auspice Axer of Auspice 0 Successfully downed Amaterasu following the attack on Minato 15
Reincarnation Cycle Stopper Reincarnation Cycle Stopper 0 Successfully hunted the source kemono, deep inside the sacred mountain 30
Commencing of Quests Commencing of Quests 0 Successfully completed your first quest for a citizen of Minato 15
Budding Conjuror Budding Conjuror 0 Successfully conjured 200 basic karakuri 15
Expert Conjuror Expert Conjuror 0 Successfully conjured 1000 basic karakuri 30
Karakuri Minato Karakuri Minato 0 Successfully conjured 15 dragon karakuri in Minato 15
Karakuri Trail Karakuri Trail 0 Successfully conjured 30 dragon karakuri along the Harugasumi Way 15
Karakuri Isle Karakuri Isle 0 Successfully conjured 30 dragon karakuri on Natsukodachi Isle 15
Canyon of Karakuri Canyon of Karakuri 0 Successfully conjured 30 dragon karakuri in Akikure Canyon 15
Karakuri Fortress Karakuri Fortress 0 Successfully conjured 30 dragon karakuri at Fuyufusagi Fort 15
Fusion Conjuror Fusion Conjuror 0 Successfully conjured a fusion karakuri 50 times 15
Memory Rouser Memory Rouser 0 Successfully awakened 20 types of karakuri 15
Distance Devourer Distance Devourer 0 Successfully traveled a distance of 10,000 m by karakuri 15
Master of the Skies Master of the Skies 0 Successfully flew 150 m with a glider 15
Man-Machine Master Man-Machine Master 0 Successfully used a karakuri attack 100 times 15
Counter Specialist Counter Specialist 0 Successfully deflected 20 kemono attacks using fusion karakuri 15
Subsistence Skills Subsistence Skills 0 Successfully completed your first food processing 15
Left Arm Leverager Left Arm Leverager 0 Successfully activated your “hunter's arm” 30 times 15
Kemono Hunter Kemono Hunter 0 Successfully finished 30 kemono 15
Relentless Kemono Hunter Relentless Kemono Hunter 0 Successfully finished 300 kemono 30
Single Minded Single Minded 0 Successfully finished 50 kemono with a single weapon type 30
Volatile Vocation Volatile Vocation 0 Successfully hunted your first deeply volatile kemono 30
Vanquisher of the Volatile Vanquisher of the Volatile 0 Successfully hunted a deeply volatile kemono in all areas 80
Mighty Marmelizer Mighty Marmelizer 0 Successfully finished a mighty kemono inside 5 minutes 15
Flawless Crystal Flawless Crystal 0 Successfully finished a kemono before it could land a single attack on you 30
Fair Means or Foul Fair Means or Foul 0 Successfully inflicted a status ailment upon a kemono 20 times 15
Tender Touch Tender Touch 0 Successfully petted a small kemono 30 times 15
Snare Specialist Snare Specialist 0 Successfully caught 100 creatures in the wilderness 15
Style Seeker Style Seeker 0 Successfully dyed armor for the first time 15
Human Believer Human Believer 0 Successfully reached the limits of human-path affinity by modifying armor 15
Kemono at Heart Kemono at Heart 0 Successfully reached the limits of kemono-path affinity by modifying armor 15
Unrivaled in Arms Unrivaled in Arms 0 Successfully obtained an extremely valuable weapon 30
Bewitched by Bathing Bewitched by Bathing 0 Successfully developed every different restorative bath 15
Hidden History Hidden History 0 Successfully obtained your first document 15
Superlative View Superlative View 0 Successfully completed all building extensions and restorations 30
Big Spender Big Spender 0 Spent 30,000 on goods from the store 15
Jack of All Trades Jack of All Trades 0 Successfully obtained 90 seals from Nobumitsu 15
Tsukumo Whisperer Tsukumo Whisperer 0 Successfully befriended 200 tsukumo 80
Quintessence of Form Quintessence of Form 0 Successfully enhanced one tsukumo form to the maximum 15
Team Hunter Team Hunter 0 Successfully completed 20 quests online 15
Artful Assister Artful Assister 0 Successfully provided assistance 5 times 15
Helpful Heart Helpful Heart 0 Successfully revived a fellow hunter online for the first time 15
Charmed by the Hunt Charmed by the Hunt 0 Successfully gathered your first talisman from the wilderness 15
Threaded Harmony Threaded Harmony 0 Successfully enlarged a single dragon pit as much as possible 30
Haven Hunter Haven Hunter 0 Successfully opened up all possible camps 30