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Meg's Monster Achievements

Full list of Meg's Monster achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Meg's Monster has 19 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Babysitter Babysitter 0 Temporarily adopted the human child. 50
Fly Me to the Moon Fly Me to the Moon 0 Acquired the toy rocket ship. 50
Apology Accepted Apology Accepted 0 Made things right with Meg. 50

Secret Achievements

The Recluse The Recluse 0 Met the underworld's only human resident. 50
What a Creep What a Creep 0 Took back the photo from some creeper. 50
Forbidden Lands Forbidden Lands 0 Set foot into the world above. 50
Friends Till the End Friends Till the End 0 Fought to save Meg. 50
An Ending An Ending 0 Brought the story to its end. 75
Gustav the Great Gustav the Great 0 Defeated the first council member. 50
Nancy the Nimble Nancy the Nimble 0 Defeated the second council member. 50
Catch of the Day Catch of the Day 0 Defeated the gargantuan fish. 50
Len the Loudmouth Len the Loudmouth 0 Defeated the third council member. 50
Sebastian the Sage Sebastian the Sage 0 Defeated the fourth council member. 50
The True Victor The True Victor 0 Defeated the lab chief. 50
An Ending Rewritten An Ending Rewritten 0 Reached an alternate conclusion. 75
Finders Keepers Finders Keepers 0 Witnessed Territorial Punk's sub-event. 50
Training Montage Training Montage 0 Witnessed Morgan's sub-event. 50
Hamburger Helper Hamburger Helper 0 Completed Joey and Creeper's sub-events. 50
Founding Father Founding Father 0 Learned the truth about Sebastian. 50