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Mayhem in Single Valley Achievements

Full list of Mayhem in Single Valley achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Mayhem in Single Valley has 40 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Super Jack Super Jack 0 At least 10 falling passengers were rescued. 35
Eek Eek 0 The spider is saved. 10
Master Collector Master Collector 0 You found all 64 collectables. 55
Pool Trespasser Pool Trespasser 0 You swam in neighbor's pool. 10
Mommy's Boy Mommy's Boy 0 You gave Mom a flower. 10
Good Samaritan Good Samaritan 0 You helped an old lady. 10
First Clone Rescuer First Clone Rescuer 0 Your first clone is rescued. 10
Novice Clone Rescuer Novice Clone Rescuer 0 You rescued 16 duct tape clones. 30
Intermediate Clone Rescuer Intermediate Clone Rescuer 0 You rescued 32 duct tape clones. 30
Master Clone Rescuer Master Clone Rescuer 0 You rescued 64 duct tape clones. 55
Tighty Whitie Rescuer Tighty Whitie Rescuer 0 You helped a swimmer in need. 10
Ethical Scientist Ethical Scientist 0 You completed clone labs without killing a clone. 35
Rhino Vet Rhino Vet 0 A rhino is cured. 10
Gorilla Vet Gorilla Vet 0 A gorilla is cured. 10
Lion Vet Lion Vet 0 A lion is cured. 10
Bear Vet Bear Vet 0 A bear is cured. 10
Monkey Vet Monkey Vet 0 A monkey is cured. 10
Pops' Last Request Pops' Last Request 0 You brought Pops to Maud's grave. 30
Death Defier Death Defier 0 You brought Bob back from the dead. 30
Moving up in the World Moving up in the World 0 You did the first upgrade. 10
Fully Upgraded Fully Upgraded 0 You upgraded something to max. 30
Ultimate Jack Ultimate Jack 0 You max upgraded Jack. 55
Hometown Hero Hometown Hero 0 Single Valley is saved. 55
Zoo Escape Zoo Escape 0 You survived the zoo. 30
Leave Home Leave Home 0 You went beyond the fence. 10
Saved a Friend Saved a Friend 0 Bob's pet rat is cured. 10
Explosive Cure Explosive Cure 0 You cured with explosives. 30
First Collectable Collector First Collectable Collector 0 You found your first collectable. 10
Novice Collector Novice Collector 0 You found 16 collectables. 30
Intermediate Collector Intermediate Collector 0 You found 32 collectables. 55
Childhood Hero Childhood Hero 0 All missing children are rescued. 55
Fisherman Fisherman 0 You caught a fish. 10
Explorer Explorer 0 You found the cave painting. 10
Speed Demon Speed Demon 0 You completed the golf cart mini-game. 30
Portal Hopper Portal Hopper 0 You escaped The Void. 30
Demolition Man Demolition Man 0 You broke a wall with the wrecking ball. 30
Tower Defender Tower Defender 0 You protected the mega batch. 30
Teacher's Pet Teacher's Pet 0 You helped Miss Jenkins out. 30
Lumber Jack Lumber Jack 0 You used log cutter to cut down a tree. 10
Cupid Cupid 0 You helped Verity with her quest to find true love. 30