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Zapling Bygone Achievements

Full list of Zapling Bygone achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Zapling Bygone has 26 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Rat King Rat King 0 Obtained the skull of the Rat King 50
Beware the darkness Beware the darkness 0 Obtain the skull of the Damned Shame 50
Power Power 0 Obtain The Protectors Power Core 50
Zapward Zapward 0 Obtain the skull of the Sewer Slumberer 50
Hunk of Metal Hunk of Metal 0 Obtain the Hard Hat 50
Builders End Builders End 0 Obtain the Skull of The Teacher 60
Burdened with life Burdened with life 0 Obtain The Shared Burden 50
Claw Claw 0 Obtain the Builder Claw 50
Art Collector Art Collector 0 Obtain every painting from the artist 20
TheKnobbyWood TheKnobbyWood 0 Obtain all comic panels 50
Ancient Defence Ancient Defence 0 Activate the builder protection system 50
A whole new world A whole new world 0 Complete Zapling Bygone 100
A Fools Cure A Fools Cure 0 Obtain Death Rock 30
Death Tales Death Tales 0 Obtain a skull fragment 10
A New End A New End 0 Start your adventure 10
Anyone home? Anyone home? 0 Unlock a Builder Door 20
100% 100% 0 Complete 100% of Zapling Bygone 20
Who needs skulls? Who needs skulls? 0 Complete the game with the MetalFace 20

Secret Achievements

You Monster! You Monster! 0 Obtain the skull of The Narcissist 50
Sweet Dee? Sweet Dee? 0 Obtain the skull of The Bird 40
Wormville Wormville 0 Find Wormville 20
Gotta Go Fast Gotta Go Fast 0 Complete the key challenge 10
The Devils Bluff The Devils Bluff 0 Enter Deaths Door 60
Hold my beer Hold my beer 0 Trap The Parasite using Death Rock 50
4 arms, no fair. 4 arms, no fair. 0 Put the ball in the net 20
Calm down Calm down 0 Calm down 10