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The Outer Worlds: Spacer's Choice Edition Achievements

Full list of The Outer Worlds: Spacer's Choice Edition achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Outer Worlds: Spacer's Choice Edition has 68 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Outer Worlds The Outer Worlds 0 Completed The Outer Worlds on any difficulty. 100
Hard Hard 0 Completed The Outer Worlds on hard difficulty. 30
Supernova Supernova 0 Completed The Outer Worlds on supernova difficulty. 30
Best Friend Best Friend 0 Recruited a companion. 20
The Harder They Fall The Harder They Fall 0 Killed a mega creature. 10
Got Your Back Got Your Back 0 Killed 50 enemies with companion abilities. 10
Silver Tongue Silver Tongue 0 Used dialog skills 30 times in conversations. 10
Poor Sportsmanship Poor Sportsmanship 0 Hit 30 enemies in the groin during tactical time dilation. 10
Upgrades Available Upgrades Available 0 Improved your gear 30 times through tinkering and mods. 10
Never Seen Never Seen 0 Killed 50 enemies with sneak attacks. 10
Short Circuit Short Circuit 0 Killed 30 automechanicals with shock damage. 10
Health Insurance Health Insurance 0 Used the medical inhaler 300 times. 10
We All Fall Down We All Fall Down 0 Turned 100 enemies to ash with plasma damage. 10
Tossball All Star Tossball All Star 0 Killed 50 enemies with a tossball stick or tossball blocker. 10
Everything Must Go Everything Must Go 0 Sold 10,000 bits worth of items to vendors. 10
Everybody Likes Me Everybody Likes Me 0 Had 75% or higher positive reputation with 3 factions. 30
Destroyer of Worlds Destroyer of Worlds 0 Had 75% or higher negative reputation with 3 factions. 30
Flawed Hero Flawed Hero 0 Acquired 3 flaws. 10
Not the Best Choice Not the Best Choice 0 Simultaneously equipped Spacer's Choice brand clothing, headgear, and 4 weapons. 10
Well Dressed Well Dressed 0 Wore 'A Nice Hat' and 'Chimaera' at the same time. 10
Level 30 Level 30 0 Character level 30 reached. 10
Anything for a Friend Anything for a Friend 0 Finished a companion's quest line. 10
Elemental Maelstrom Elemental Maelstrom 0 Killed an enemy that was hit with all 5 damage types. 10
Patient N Patient N 0 Killed 20 enemies that were infected by spreading N-rays. 10
Skilled Skilled 0 Raised a skill to 100. 10
Jack of All Trades Jack of All Trades 0 Killed an enemy with a science weapon sneak attack during TTD, with a weakspot critical hit. 10
Well Balanced Breakfast Well Balanced Breakfast 0 Simultaneously had bonuses for meat, carbohydrates, sugary drink, caffeine, and alcohol. 10
Mad Scientist Mad Scientist 0 Killed an enemy under the effects of 4 science weapons. 10
Impossible Mission Impossible Mission 0 Succeeded at 3 dialog conversation checks with a single disguise. 10
All for One All for One 0 Completed all companion quests. 30
One for All One for All 0 Recruited all of the companions. 10
Peril on Gorgon Peril on Gorgon 0 Completed Peril on Gorgon on any difficulty. 20
Good Listener Good Listener 0 Found 20 Portable Phonographs. 10
Special P.E.T. Benefits Special P.E.T. Benefits 0 Acquired Special Delivery, P.E.T., and Employee Benefits. 10
Murder on Eridanos Murder on Eridanos 0 Completed Murder on Eridanos on any difficulty. 20
The Mystery's Afoot The Mystery's Afoot 0 Received an invitation to Eridanos. 10
Spectrum Needler Buddy Spectrum Needler Buddy 0 Acquired Spectrum Gatling, The Needler, and Udder Buddy. 10

Secret Achievements

Welcome to Halcyon! Welcome to Halcyon! 0 Landed in Emerald Vale. 30
Ticket to Anywhere Ticket to Anywhere 0 Got your very own ship. 30
Something's Fishy Something's Fishy 0 Reached Stellar Bay. 30
Paradise Found Paradise Found 0 Landed in Byzantium. 30
Hard Time Hard Time 0 Landed on Tartarus. 30
Lost and Found Lost and Found 0 Skipped the Hope. 10
Pirate Radio Pirate Radio 0 Stopped the Monarch broadcasts. 10
The Audience Gasps The Audience Gasps 0 Learned the shocking truth about the colony. 10
SubLight to the End SubLight to the End 0 Completed the SubLight quest lines. 10
Peace in Our Time Peace in Our Time 0 Brokered peace between the Iconoclasts and MSI. 10
Monarch Abides Monarch Abides 0 Won the battle of Stellar Bay. 10
Dentastic Dentastic 0 Saved the universe's greatest diet toothpaste recipe. 10
Mightier than the Sword Mightier than the Sword 0 Saved Edgewater permanently. 10
Ludwig was Right Ludwig was Right 0 Brought robo-destruction to Edgewater. 10
A Star is Born A Star is Born 0 Starred in an Odeon Pictures movie. 10
The Cartographer The Cartographer 0 Dealt with the cartographer. 10
Sunburn Sunburn 0 Skipped the Hope into the sun. 10
Greenlight Protocol Greenlight Protocol 0 Powered the reactor. 10
NDA Protocol NDA Protocol 0 Destroyed the Synthesizer. 10
Peril at Hand Peril at Hand 0 Listened to Lucky Montoya's message. 10
Synthesize This Synthesize This 0 Found Olivia Ambrose's journal. 10
Lucky Stiff Lucky Stiff 0 Found Lucky Montoya's body. 10
The Postman The Postman 0 Delivered the journal to Lucien. 10
Family Reunion Family Reunion 0 Achieved a compromise between Olivia and Minnie. 10
You Have Selected Regicide! You Have Selected Regicide! 0 Killed the Slug Queen. 10
The Rock Or The Hard Place The Rock Or The Hard Place 0 Chose to either infect or cure Eridanos. 10
No Longer Clueless No Longer Clueless 0 Used the Discrepancy Amplifier. 10
Interrogo Totus Interrogo Totus 0 Investigated every suspected and reported to Administrator Ludovico. 10
Alive And Kicking (And Shooting Too!) Alive And Kicking (And Shooting Too!) 0 Discovered the biggest secret in the aetherwave industry. 10
Put Out of Their Happiness Put Out of Their Happiness 0 Killed 50 Infected Humans or Parasites. 10
Mutt And Jeff Mutt And Jeff 0 Asked a companion to be the Bad Inspector. 10