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Stellaris: Console Edition - Overlord Achievements

Full list of Stellaris: Console Edition - Overlord achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Stellaris: Console Edition - Overlord has 11 achievements worth 200 gamerscore

Fine Print Fine Print 0 Modify a vassalization contract 10
You Monster You Monster 0 Scrapped an organic fleet to the salvager enclave 10
Meet the New Boss Meet the New Boss 0 Pledge secret fealty to another empire and have them win an Allegiance War 15
Surfing the Web Surfing the Web 0 Have a network of at least 30 Hyper Relays, in systems you own, connected to your capital 20
Yeet the Fleet Yeet the Fleet 0 Catapult a military fleet directly into the capital system of an enemy empire you are at war with 10
None Shall Pass None Shall Pass 0 Own a Fortress World + Planetary Defense Shield + orbital ring with defensive mods + power of 10k 10
Gotta Subjugate Them All Gotta Subjugate Them All 0 Have a tier 3 subject of each Specialist type simultaneously 50
Maximally Effective Maximally Effective 0 Be the patron of three maximum sized Mercenary Enclaves. 15
Underlord Underlord 0 As a Subterranean empire, dig too deep, but prove yourself worthy 20
Into the Unknown Into the Unknown 0 As Slingshot to the Stars empire, send 10 crewed science ships to the unknown with Quantum Catapults 20
Non-Prophet Organization Non-Prophet Organization 0 As a Teachers of the Shroud empire, prove that the Shroudwalkers made a terrible mistake 20

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