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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Achievements

Full list of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has 50 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Royal Request for Cooperation Royal Request for Cooperation 0 An official request for Kamura's hunter. Awarded for collaboration with Elgado Outpost. 10
Long-Distance Binoculars Long-Distance Binoculars 0 Binoculars giving a clear view of far-off targets. Awarded to staunch investigators. 10
Survey Cape Survey Cape 0 Protects the wearer from the harshest environments. Awarded for hunting the Garangolm. 10
Azure Feather Fountain Pen Azure Feather Fountain Pen 0 A fountain pen with a blue feather gifted by Fiorayne. Awarded for hunting the Lunagaron. 10
Majestic Desk Banner Majestic Desk Banner 0 A desk flag proving the owner's distinguished service. Awarded for slaying Malzeno. 10
Royal Declaration of Gratitude Royal Declaration of Gratitude 0 An official thank-you letter. For hunters who contributed greatly to the Kingdom's peace. 10
Record of Utmost Valor - Master Record of Utmost Valor - Master 0 A souvenir from the Guild for completing many Master Rank quests. 10
Snowy Cohoot Mini-Pouch Snowy Cohoot Mini-Pouch 0 Awarded for befriending a fledgling Snowy Cohoot from Elgado. Looks tiny, but has a big appetite. 10
Record of Utmost Valor - Arena Record of Utmost Valor - Arena 0 A souvenir from the Guild for completing even more Arena quests. 10
Painting - Foreign Threads Painting - Foreign Threads 0 Awarded for completing many Follower Quests to mark deep village-Outpost ties. 10
Painting - Seicho's Place Painting - Seicho's Place 0 Proof of having completed many Support Surveys. Soar away into a clear blue sky. 10
Cups of Friendship Cups of Friendship 0 Awarded for deepening bonds with many Followers. Sharing this cup fosters friendship. 10
Painting - Crimson Nightmare Painting - Crimson Nightmare 0 A depiction of the dreadful Qurio. Awarded for completing numerous Anomaly Quests. 10
Sea-Blue Amulet Sea-Blue Amulet 0 Awarded for completing 50 quests in the Jungle. A talisman to protect you on your travels. 10
Copal Brooch Copal Brooch 0 Awarded for completing 50 quests in the Citadel. A charm praying for your good health. 10
Beloved Bouquet Beloved Bouquet 0 Awarded for fulfilling various requests in Kamura and/or Elgado. 10
Familiar Construction Kit Familiar Construction Kit 0 An easy-to-deploy camping kit. Awarded for unlocking a lot of camps in the Jungle and Citadel. 20
Great Wirebug Medal Great Wirebug Medal 0 Awarded for discovering a lot of Great Wirebug launch points in the Jungle and the Citadel. 20
Immaculate Bookmark Immaculate Bookmark 0 Awarded for discovering a lot of Old Messages in the Jungle and Citadel. An unspoiled antique. 20
Natural Picture Frame Natural Picture Frame 0 A smart frame awarded for photographing many creatures in the Citadel and Jungle. 20
Transcender's Red Sash Transcender's Red Sash 0 Its refinement exceeds human capability. Awarded for obtaining even more Switch Skills. 20
Great Helmet Great Helmet 0 A pretty great winged helmet. Awarded for forging even more valuable weapons and armor. 20
Gorgeous Helm Gorgeous Helm 0 A helm with golden hollows and blue wings. Awarded for forging even more valuable layered armor. 20
Solid Padlock Solid Padlock 0 Awarded for collecting even more trinkets and wall hangings. Won't budge, no matter what. 20
Maestro's Trusty Tools Maestro's Trusty Tools 0 Super popular in the Tea Shop! Awarded for helping make new dango, even in far-off Elgado. 20
Secret Honey Jar Secret Honey Jar 0 Awarded to dango connoisseurs for using many Hopping Skewers. Add honey to sweeten things up! 20
Napping Felyne and Canyne Napping Felyne and Canyne 0 Toys of a cuddling Felyne and Canyne. Awarded to avid instructors at the Buddy Dojo. 20
Sojourn Necklace Sojourn Necklace 0 A necklace that ended up with your Buddy. Awarded for trading with Letters of Introduction. 20
Buddy Whistle Buddy Whistle 0 A simple flute with far-reaching tones. Awarded to those who have found a lot of Recon destinations. 20
Flaky Canyne Pie Flaky Canyne Pie 0 A tasty treat for hard-working Canynes. Awarded for teaching your Canyne lots of techniques. 20
Polychrome Acorn Polychrome Acorn 0 A cute and colorful painted acorn. Awarded for having lots of Buddies with outstanding Skill Memory. 20
Windbreaker Scarf Windbreaker Scarf 0 Ignore wind as you whip through the world. Awarded for performing many Switch Skill Swaps. 20
Jewelgrass Planter Jewelgrass Planter 0 Awarded to those who rode various monsters with the power of Morphed Wirebugs. 20
Unbreakable Bag Unbreakable Bag 0 Wow! A whole bag awarded for obtaining samples of items from all over the place. 20
Comfortable Sandals Comfortable Sandals 0 Sandals for exploring. Awarded for talking with lots of people in the Outpost. 20
Hunter's Bronze Shield Hunter's Bronze Shield 0 Awarded for hunting 100 large master rank monsters. 20
Hunter's Silver Shield Hunter's Silver Shield 0 Awarded for hunting 500 large master rank monsters. 20
Hunter's Gold Shield Hunter's Gold Shield 0 Awarded for hunting 1000 large master rank monsters. 30
Miniature Crown Shield Miniature Crown Shield 0 Awarded for registering almost all miniature crown-sized monsters. 40
Gold Crown Shield Gold Crown Shield 0 Awarded for registering almost all gold crown-sized monsters. 40
Anomaly Hunt Silver Trophy Anomaly Hunt Silver Trophy 0 Awarded for slaying your first afflicted monster. 20
Anomaly Hunt Gold Trophy Anomaly Hunt Gold Trophy 0 Awarded for slaying 100 afflicted monsters. 30
Anomaly Research Report Anomaly Research Report 0 An extremely detailed report, the result of impressive hard work researching the Anomaly. 30
Vermilion Amber Essence Vermilion Amber Essence 0 Awarded to those who have completed tasks designated by the Research Lab to be the most difficult. 30
Bahari's Hand-Wound Birdie Bahari's Hand-Wound Birdie 0 Bahari's handmade toy that walks when wound up. Proves you frequent the Anomaly Lab. 30
Smithy's Custom-made Gloves Smithy's Custom-made Gloves 0 Awarded for Augmenting many weapons via Qurious Crafting. Developed to handle afflicted materials. 30
Smithy's Tools of the Trade Smithy's Tools of the Trade 0 Awarded for Augmenting a lot of armor via Qurious Crafting. Able to handle even brittle materials. 30
Surmounter's Slaying Shield Surmounter's Slaying Shield 0 Awarded for slaying your first Risen elder dragon. 30
Shining Surmounter's Shield Shining Surmounter's Shield 0 Awarded for slaying 15 Risen elder dragons. 30
Hero's Accolade Hero's Accolade 0 The mark of a great hero, who has acquired a large number of awards. 50

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