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Tales of the Neon Sea Achievements

Full list of Tales of the Neon Sea achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Tales of the Neon Sea has 58 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Mr. Know-It-All Mr. Know-It-All 0 Collect 62 files 0
Rex's Justice Rex's Justice 0 Defeat Noa 30
Shadow in the Mist Shadow in the Mist 0 Complete Chapter 3 15
Naturalist Naturalist 0 Collect 35 files 15
Magnetic Storm Kitten Magnetic Storm Kitten 0 Complete Tesla Tower in under 120 seconds 15
Biochemical God Father Biochemical God Father 0 Reveal Vito Bourbon's true identity 15
Level S BB-X Level S BB-X 0 Use "God's Hand" to repair BB-X 15
Case Closed Case Closed 0 Complete the game 15
Recorder Recorder 0 Collect 10 files 15
Bomb Disposal Expert Bomb Disposal Expert 0 Disarm the bomb in under 120 seconds 15
Capture Expert Capture Expert 0 Capture cybog rats successfully 15
All Eggs in One Basket All Eggs in One Basket 0 Restore physical health using antique machinery 15
William! William! 0 Successfully rescue trapped William 15
"The Best Host" "The Best Host" 0 Successfully carry out the repair job on BB-X 15
Back Alley Murder Case Back Alley Murder Case 0 Figure out what happened in the back alley 15
The First Crime Scene The First Crime Scene 0 Complete the reasoning of Mrs. Perry's case 15
Mental Crime Mental Crime 0 Witness Jenny's acceptance of the birthday card 15
William the Holmes William the Holmes 0 Complete William's big adventure 15
Friendship of the Bourbon Family Friendship of the Bourbon Family 0 Acquire the friendship of the Bourbon Family 15
The Creator The Creator 0 Discover the source and development of biochemical pets 15
Black Jack Black Jack 0 Beat Xiaosheng Bai in Black Jack 30
Gentleman Gentleman 0 Help out the drunk lady 15
Get Drunk Get Drunk 0 Complete Chapter 1 15
Bottoms Up Bottoms Up 0 Drink the secret sobering drug 15
Greedy Cat Greedy Cat 0 Feed Folkenburg twice 15
VR Support VR Support 0 Help VR players who have fallen in the street 15
War Machine War Machine 0 Acquire 1st and 2nd generation Violence Tromper files. 15
Reward Reward 0 Retrieve the robot's lost arms to acquire the pass 15
Goblin of the Forest Goblin of the Forest 0 Upgrade Transformer Billy to Laser Billy 15
The Age of Draught The Age of Draught 0 Fix the water supply at Square Street 15
Rainbow Club Rainbow Club 0 Finish all assignments from the Rainbow Club 15
Destiny Destiny 0 Acquire the tarot card: "Upside Down Man" 15
Hideyoshi's Hero Hideyoshi's Hero 0 Help Hediyoshi to avoid the manager's harassment 15
Nano Mist Nano Mist 0 Discover the Nano robots among the elements of coagulation liquid 15
Abundant Power Abundant Power 0 Restart the generating equipment in the old hydroelectric power generating plant 30
The One The One 0 Try and fail to pull out the sword 15
Mist Mist 0 Complete Chapter 2 15
Quiet Night Quiet Night 0 Spend a quiet night in the form of William 15
A Step Away A Step Away 0 Miss the chance to catch Noa 15
The Whisper of the Evil God The Whisper of the Evil God 0 Complete the deduction of the bloody tongue sculpture case 15
Invitation Invitation 0 Receive an invitation from the devil 15
Loader Loader 0 Complete the freight box moving game and find the hidden door 15
Marksman Marksman 0 Shoot to destroy the guarding robots 15
Do It Fast Do It Fast 0 Start the Tesla power tower magnetic storm successfully and get all gang members 15
Bomb Person Bomb Person 0 Successfully ignite the oil tank to clear out obstacles and understand the art of explosion. 15
The Tune of the Past The Tune of the Past 0 Restart the fuel machine in the deserted fishing ship successfully 15
The Toothed Gear of Destiny The Toothed Gear of Destiny 0 Find the second gear on the delivering belt 30
Code From Nowhere Code From Nowhere 0 Send the code correctly 15
Master of the Underground World Master of the Underground World 0 Investigate the underground factory 15
The Phantom of the Opera The Phantom of the Opera 0 Relive the dressing room murder 15
Kanke Cooperate Kanke Cooperate 0 Relive the cruise ship function room murder 15
The Home of Dolls The Home of Dolls 0 Relive the Scott Hotel murder 15
Human Model Human Model 0 Install three organs 15
Biology Professor Biology Professor 0 Investigate all the copied jars 15
The Story of Rescuing the White Mustache The Story of Rescuing the White Mustache 0 Rescue Charles 15
The Benevolence The Benevolence 0 Keep Luna's surviving preservation capsule on 15
The Liberation The Liberation 0 Turn Luna's surviving preservation capsule off 25
Misty Detective Misty Detective 0 The story comes to an end 90