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Ghostwire: Tokyo Achievements

Full list of Ghostwire: Tokyo achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Ghostwire: Tokyo has 66 achievements worth 1180 gamerscore

Helping Hand Helping Hand 0 Transfer 25% of the spirits in the city. 15
Savior Savior 0 Transfer 50% of the spirits in the city. 15
Salvation of All Salvation of All 0 Transfer at least 100% of the spirits in the city. 30
Hero of Shibuya Hero of Shibuya 0 Complete the main story after transferring at least 100% of the spirits in the city. 80
Problem Solver Problem Solver 0 Complete a side mission. 15
Wishmaker Wishmaker 0 Complete all side missions (excluding update content). 30
Opening a Path Opening a Path 0 Cleanse a torii gate. 10
Liberator Liberator 0 Cleanse all torii gates (excluding update content). 15
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter 0 Acquire a relic. 15
Collector Collector 0 Acquire all relics. 30
Mind and Body Mind and Body 0 Unlock all Spirit Skills (excluding update content). 15
On the Same Wavelength On the Same Wavelength 0 Raise your synergy level to 50 or higher. 15
Shibuya Is My Back Yard Shibuya Is My Back Yard 0 Find all landmarks. 15
Echoes of the Past Echoes of the Past 0 Acquire a voice log. 10
The Whole Truth The Whole Truth 0 Acquire all voice logs. 15
It's All Thanks to Yokai It's All Thanks to Yokai 0 Acquire a magatama. 10
With Their Powers Combined With Their Powers Combined 0 Acquire 40 or more different magatama. 15
Roadside Spirituality Roadside Spirituality 0 Pray to a Jizo statue. 10
Pilgrim Pilgrim 0 Pray to all Jizo statues. 15
Your Tail's Showing Your Tail's Showing 0 Find all of the missing tanuki. 15
Gourmand Gourmand 0 Acquire all types of food and drink. 15
DJ Akito DJ Akito 0 Acquire all music tracks (excluding update content). 15
Trendsetter Trendsetter 0 Acquire all items for the Outfit menu (excluding bonus and update content). 80
Talismania Talismania 0 Acquire all talismans (excluding update content). 15
Power Overwhelming Power Overwhelming 0 Acquire all sets of prayer beads (excluding update content). 30
Boundless Spirit Boundless Spirit 0 Acquire the maximum number of katashiro. 15
Amateur Photographer Amateur Photographer 0 Use Photo Mode for the first time. 10
Visiting Hours Are Over Visiting Hours Are Over 0 Defeat at least one of every type of Visitor (excluding update content). 15
Heartbreaker Heartbreaker 0 Defeat a Visitor by pulling out its core. 15
Soul Breaker Soul Breaker 0 Defeat 50 Visitors by pulling out their cores. 15
One Fell Swoop One Fell Swoop 0 Defeat at least 5 Visitors simultaneously by pulling out their cores. 15
Couldn't Take the Heat Couldn't Take the Heat 0 Defeat at least 3 Visitors simultaneously by detonating a red ether crystal. 15
Silent Kill Silent Kill 0 Defeat a total of 200 Visitors using Quick Purge. 15
Take a Bow Take a Bow 0 Defeat a total of 50 Visitors using the bow. 15
Go For the Eyes Go For the Eyes 0 Defeat a total of 20 Visitors with headshots. 15
Freeze, Scumbag Freeze, Scumbag 0 Defeat a total of 10 Visitors with Quick Purge while they are held by a Stun Talisman. 15
A Shrubbery! A Shrubbery! 0 Defeat a total of 3 Visitors with Quick Purge while hiding in bushes created by a Thicket Talisman. 15
Left Yourself Open Left Yourself Open 0 Defeat a total of 10 Visitors by exposing their cores with Exposure Talismans and ripping them out. 15
Master of Blocking Master of Blocking 0 Perform a total of 30 Perfect Blocks. 15
In Sync In Sync 0 Wire In a total of 10 times. 15
Big Spender Big Spender 0 Spend a total of 1,000,000 meika. 15
Pious Pious 0 Put a total of 10,000 meika into offering boxes. 15
Further Liberation Further Liberation 0 STU: Cleanse all newly-added torii gates. 15
On-The-Job Training On-The-Job Training 0 STU: Unlock all newly-added Spirit Skills. 15
Unparalleled Talismaniac Unparalleled Talismaniac 0 STU: Acquire all newly-added talismans. 15
Unexpected Visitors Unexpected Visitors 0 STU: Defeat at least one of every newly-added type of Visitor. 15
Figure Aficionado Figure Aficionado 0 STU: Try your luck at capsule machines at least 50 times. 15
Views From the Abyss Views From the Abyss 0 STU: Complete "The Spider's Thread" mode. 30
Catalog Conqueror Catalog Conqueror 0 STU: Complete all nekomata jobs in "The Spider's Thread" mode. 30

Secret Achievements

Beginnings Beginnings 0 Complete Chapter 1. 15
Trouble Trouble 0 Complete Chapter 2. 15
Connection Connection 0 Complete Chapter 3. 15
Contortion Contortion 0 Complete Chapter 4. 15
Severance Severance 0 Complete Chapter 5. 15
Binding Binding 0 Complete Chapter 6. 15
Conclusions Conclusions 0 Complete the main story. 15
Animal Lover Animal Lover 0 Pet an animal. 10
You Wouldn't Steal a Spirit You Wouldn't Steal a Spirit 0 Successfully protect at least 3 Containment Cubes in a single battle. 15
Don't Worry About It Don't Worry About It 0 Pull a "Daikyo" omikuji. 15
Better Together Better Together 0 Fuse back with KK after being hit by a severance attack. 15
Sniper Sniper 0 Defeat a Visitor with a headshot from a distance of at least 40m. 15
Walking on Air Walking on Air 0 Grapple and glide to remain in the air for at least 10 seconds. 15
Lonely Tsukimi Lonely Tsukimi 0 Spend at least 30 seconds looking at the moon. 15
Scary Stories to Tell at School Scary Stories to Tell at School 0 STU: Complete all newly-added side missions revolving around the school. 15
Spirit Photographer Spirit Photographer 0 STU: Complete all newly-added side missions revolving around spirit photographs. 15
Welcome to Shibuya Welcome to Shibuya 0 STU: Acquire at least one SHIBUYA♡HACHI stamp. 15