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Stray Souls Achievements

Full list of Stray Souls achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Stray Souls has 17 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Homeowner Homeowner 0 Complete the Grandma’s House level. 30
Nature Lover Nature Lover 0 Complete the Forest level. 30
Family Historian Family Historian 0 Complete the Graveyard level. 30
Upstanding Citizen Upstanding Citizen 0 Complete the Police Station level. 30
Local Legend Local Legend 0 Complete the Aspen Falls level. 30
Favorite Grandson Favorite Grandson 0 Complete the Nowhere level. 30
Folklorist Folklorist 0 Read all in-game documents. 90
Who’s A Good Boy Who’s A Good Boy 0 Pet Klopsik. 30
Pest Control Pest Control 0 Defeat all enemies in “Aspen Falls” level. 30
The Chosen One The Chosen One 0 Unlock all achievements. 50

Secret Achievements

Hero Hero 0 Get the “Hero” ending. 90
Apathetic Apathetic 0 Get the “Apathy” ending. 90
Revenge Revenge 0 Get the “Revenge” ending. 90
Proselyte Proselyte 0 Shoot down all the Cult symbols in the Forest level. 100
Demigod Demigod 0 Beat the game without taking damage. 100
Supersonic Supersonic 0 Beat the game (any ending) in under 2.5 hours. 100
Omniscient Omniscient 0 Unlock all of Martha’s secret cutscenes. 50