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The Crown of Wu Achievements

Full list of The Crown of Wu achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Crown of Wu has 37 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Scholar Scholar 0 You have recovered all the lost items 70
Expert warrior Expert warrior 0 Collected all combat documents 70
Master of the skies Master of the skies 0 You have used the power of the wind to avoid dying from a fall 70
Reliquary Reliquary 0 Collected all Relics 30
Artist Artist 0 Collected all Jade Vases 30
Wealthy Wealthy 0 You have collected all the Coins 30
Intellectual Intellectual 0 You have collected all the Pamphlets 30
Archaeologist Archaeologist 0 Collected all Etched Shells 30
Engineer Engineer 0 Collected all Robotic Components 30
Musician Musician 0 You have collected all the Music Sheets 30
Advanced warrior Advanced warrior 0 Collected 2/3 of the combat documents 30
Live on the edge Live on the edge 0 You have survived a near-fatal fall 30
Curious Curious 0 Read all the monoliths 10
Cellmates Cellmates 0 You have found another prisoner 10
Fear of heights Fear of heights 0 You have crossed the abyss without falling 10
Warrior apprentice Warrior apprentice 0 Collected 1/3 of the combat documents 10
New awakening New awakening 0 You have completed all the achievements 200

Secret Achievements

Sunrise Sunrise 0 You have completed the game 30
Almighty Almighty 0 You have learned the 4 powers 30
Skilled musician Skilled musician 0 You've played the whole melody 30
Like brothers Like brothers 0 You rescued Shiki 30
Escape from prison Escape from prison 0 Finish Zone 1 10
Between mountains Between mountains 0 Finish Zone 2 10
Escape from the temple Escape from the temple 0 Finish Zone 3 10
Underground Underground 0 Finish Zone 4 10
Swampy waters Swampy waters 0 Finish Zone 5 10
Rise to the top Rise to the top 0 Finish Zone 6 10
Without being seen Without being seen 0 Finish Zone 7 10
Revenge Revenge 0 Finish Zone 8 10
Wind Wind 0 You have achieved the power of the Wind element 10
Lightning Lightning 0 You have achieved the power of the Lighting element 10
Fire Fire 0 You have achieved the power of the Fire element 10
Earth Earth 0 You have achieved the power of the Earth element 10
Beginning musician Beginning musician 0 You played half a melody 10
No clues No clues 0 You have solved the riddle of crystals 10
Gladiator Gladiator 0 You have beaten Tama-botto 10
Not a breath Not a breath 0 You have defeated one Goreem-ka without letting him heal 10