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Neverwinter Online: Undermountain Achievements

Full list of Neverwinter Online: Undermountain achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Neverwinter Online: Undermountain has 9 achievements worth 60 gamerscore

Revenant's Champion Revenant's Champion 0 Defeated 100 Undertakers and Xanathar Guild members in the Catacombs 5
Gate Breaker Gate Breaker 0 Completed the Undermountain Campaign 10
Scrying Undermountain Scrying Undermountain 0 Found all 16 Scrying Stones in Undermountain 10
Relic Hunter III Relic Hunter III 0 Found 500 relics in Expeditions 5
Player of the Mad Mage Player of the Mad Mage 0 Completed Dungeon: Lair of the Mad Mage 10
Control Gem Control Gem 0 Returned the Control Gem to The Alchemist in Upper Undermountain 5
Master of Elements Master of Elements 0 Completed training with the Kuo-Toa in Upper Undermountain 5
Well What Did You Expect Well What Did You Expect 0 Explored the well in Twisted Caverns 5
Trust Fall! Trust Fall! 0 Jumped into Undermountain from the Yawning Portal 5

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