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Neverwinter Online: Uprising Achievements

Full list of Neverwinter Online: Uprising achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Neverwinter Online: Uprising has 7 achievements worth 50 gamerscore

Zerthimon Reconciled Zerthimon Reconciled 0 Obtained both halves of the Teachings of Zerthimon 5
Master of Fragments Master of Fragments 0 Defeated Red Dragon Knight and Neothelid with three runes attuned 10
Yrlakka's Recon Operative Yrlakka's Recon Operative 0 Completed 50 Reconnaissance Quests for the Githzerai in Stardock 5
Delirium? Lunacy? Delicacy! Delirium? Lunacy? Delicacy! 0 Completed the Halaster trial 5
Master of Undermountain Master of Undermountain 0 Ensured no players die in the Halaster trial 10
Githyanki Slayer III Githyanki Slayer III 0 Killed 500 Githyanki 10
Crystal Golem Slayer I Crystal Golem Slayer I 0 Killed 100 Crystal Golems 5

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