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Homestead Arcana Achievements

Full list of Homestead Arcana achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Homestead Arcana has 36 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

You Take My Breath Away You Take My Breath Away 0 Leave the Miasma with no time left on your mask filter. 10
Big Spender Big Spender 0 Buy everything Abraham has to offer for the day. 20
Biodiversity Biodiversity 0 Have one of every plant planted at your homestead. 100
The Wolf of Little Rock The Wolf of Little Rock 0 Make 10,000 silver by selling items to Abraham. 20
Upgraded Upgraded 0 Purchase all upgrades from Abraham. 50
Money Bags Money Bags 0 Have 20,000 silver in your inventory at one time. 50
You Can't Be Too Prepared You Can't Be Too Prepared 0 Make one of every craftable item in the game. 100
This One's My Favorite This One's My Favorite 0 Have only one plant in your homestead after all plots are unlocked. 50
The Good Stuff The Good Stuff 0 Give Huckleberry a taste of "the good stuff." 20
Fashion Witch Fashion Witch 0 Obtain four new outfits. 20
Find a Way Find a Way 0 Light up the way using a waymarker. 10
Town Hero Town Hero 0 Complete a Town Council request. 10
Mask Up Mask Up 0 Acquire the mask. 10
Mask Up More Mask Up More 0 Upgrade the mask. 10
Always Mask Up Always Mask Up 0 Fully upgrade the mask. 20
Magically Equipped Magically Equipped 0 Acquire all spell slots. 20
Greenest Thumb Greenest Thumb 0 Fully upgrade your gardening capabilities. 20
Potions Master Potions Master 0 Learn how to brew all spell potions. 20
Full House Full House 0 Finish upgrading your house. 50
Field of Dreams Field of Dreams 0 Expand your garden to the fullest. 20
Speed Demon Speed Demon 0 Win a prize for broom racing. 20
Horticultural Exchange Horticultural Exchange 0 Send Ruby all requested plant specimens. 10
Seriously, Try It Sometime Seriously, Try It Sometime 0 Give Huckleberry a bowl of huckleberry soup. 10

Secret Achievements

The Price of Sentimentality The Price of Sentimentality 0 Sell your ma's pumpkin pie to Abraham. 10
A Flare for the Dramatic A Flare for the Dramatic 0 Repel a ghost while only having one heart remaining. 10
Nine Lives Nine Lives 0 Get knocked out nine times in the Miasma. 10
Nature's Healing Nature's Healing 0 Restore a hopper, a feathered bat, and a longdeer. 20
It's an Old Song It's an Old Song 0 Play your steel guitar. 10
Her Legacy Remembered Her Legacy Remembered 0 Complete Arlet's Journal. 20
Homestead Arcana! Homestead Arcana! 0 Complete the initiation rites. 10
Make Tilly Proud Make Tilly Proud 0 Restore Pearl Canyon, just like your Aunt Matilda wanted. 10
Twice The Charm Twice The Charm 0 Continue the good work and restore the petrified forest. 20
All Fell Silent All Fell Silent 0 Restore the swamp, despite all costs. 50
Good Job, Buddy Good Job, Buddy 0 End this chapter and begin a new one. 100
Happy Camper Happy Camper 0 Set up all three basecamps. 50
There's Always Next Year There's Always Next Year 0 Compete in the Autumn Harvest Festival. 10