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I Did Not Buy This Ticket Achievements

Full list of I Did Not Buy This Ticket achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

I Did Not Buy This Ticket has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Lost Traveler Lost Traveler 0 You went against your own story. Now you're lost to the void. 20
Brotherly Bonds Brotherly Bonds 0 A happy family. 30
Motherly Embrace Motherly Embrace 0 The road has taken you to a reunion. Rejoice. 30
Family Roadtrip Family Roadtrip 0 The road has revealed strange new practices to you. 30
Who are you? Who are you? 0 You couldn't possibly know anymore. 30
You cried. You cried. 0 What it meant to you is your decision alone. 30
You didn't cry. You didn't cry. 0 What it meant to you is your decision alone. 30
Eternal Passenger Eternal Passenger 0 The road is your destination. 30
Eternal Listener Eternal Listener 0 You're good at this. You should keep at it. 35
Final Stop Final Stop 0 You've reached the final bus stop. This wasn't your destination. It doesn't matter anymore. 35
Traveling Companion Traveling Companion 0 The road has taken you to a friend. 35
Chance Meeting Chance Meeting 0 You've made an acquaintance who is very interested in what you will become. 35
Nope Nope 0 You have refused the road. No trip for you. 35
Washroom Regular Washroom Regular 0 It is comfy in here. 35
Hearthole Hearthole 0 There's a hole in your heart. It is infinitely fascinating. 35
First Look First Look 0 It stares back at you. 35
Second Look Second Look 0 It changes and morphs as you look at it. Your eyes hurt. 35
Third Look Third Look 0 It is.......... settling. 35
New Old Face New Old Face 0 You've recovered your old face. Probably. 35
Hard Seats Hard Seats 0 It'll be hard to sleep on these... but you'll manage. 35
Dutiful Sister Dutiful Sister 0 You looked after your brother. 35
Mom's Back Mom's Back 0 The road led you back to mother's arms. 35
Obsessive Thoughts Obsessive Thoughts 0 That day never really leaves the back of your head. 35
Snitch Snitch 0 No compassion for fellow travelers. 35
Iron Memory Iron Memory 0 You do pay attention. 35
Dutiful Mourner Dutiful Mourner 0 You take the job seriously. 35
Indifferent Indifferent 0 You don't really care about them. 35
Extra Hours Extra Hours 0 He deserved this much. 35
Accumulator Accumulator 0 Your pockets are full of strangeness. 35
Dangerous Traveling Dangerous Traveling 0 Travelers everywhere. They're no worse off than you. 35