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Smurfs Kart Achievements

Full list of Smurfs Kart achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Smurfs Kart has 33 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Smurf Apprentice Smurf Apprentice 0 Finish your first cup 10
Hic, hic, hic, hooray! Hic, hic, hic, hooray! 0 Finish a race with hiccups 10
Showoff! Showoff! 0 Pass the finish line in reverse 10
Lazy Smurf Lazy Smurf 0 Doze off for 5 minutes 10
Hic! Hic! 0 Hiccup 100 times 10
Nosey Smurf Nosey Smurf 0 Use the abilismurf of each Smurf 10
Double Cancan Double Cancan 0 Do 75 super-jumps 10
Shoot Off Shoot Off 0 Finish a Grand Prix with 1 perfect start per race 15
Is It Warm? Is It Warm? 0 Fall into the water 25 times 15
Intact Intact 0 Do a lap without getting hit or colliding 30
Sarsaparilla Salad Sarsaparilla Salad 0 Use 7 sarsaparilla leaves during a race 30
To the Stars To the Stars 0 Spend 13 minutes in the air with Astro Smurf 30
Completely Smurfing Completely Smurfing 0 Receive the Smurfing Smurf medal 5 times 30
Holy Smurf! Holy Smurf! 0 Receive the Smurfy Smurf medal 5 times 30
Barge Your Way Through Barge Your Way Through 0 Collide 600 times while playing as Hefty Smurf 30
A Good Harvest A Good Harvest 0 Collect 600 berries with Farmer Smurf 30
Hup! Hup! 0 Jump with Smurfblossom 1,200 times 30
Spring Picking Spring Picking 0 Spend 5 minutes off-road with Smurfette 30
Is It That Way? Is It That Way? 0 Fall off the edge with Clumsy Smurf 40 times 30
Like Clockwork Like Clockwork 0 Finish a lap in 1 minute 0 seconds with Clockwork Smurf 30
Full Throttle! Full Throttle! 0 Skid continuously for an entire lap 30
Tough Smurf Tough Smurf 0 Finish first after 12 races in Free Race mode 30
Running Gag Running Gag 0 Send 250 gifts with Jokey Smurf 30
Dessert for Everyone! Dessert for Everyone! 0 Send 250 cakes with Chef Smurf 30
Attack of the Drones Attack of the Drones 0 Build 250 drones with Handy Smurf 30
Goodnight, My Little Smurfs! Goodnight, My Little Smurfs! 0 Make 250 Smurfs fall asleep with Papa Smurf 30
The Eye of the Smurf The Eye of the Smurf 0 Hit 150 opponents with acorns while playing as Smurfstorm 30
Green Smurf VS. Smurf Green Green Smurf VS. Smurf Green 0 Unlock all mirror cups 40
Pure Driving Pure Driving 0 Win a Grand Prix without using any items 100
King Smurf King Smurf 0 Unlock all stickers 100
A Golden Smurf A Golden Smurf 0 Get all gold medals in the Time Challenge 100

Secret Achievements

Return to Sender Return to Sender 0 Get hit by your own acorn 10
A Forgotten Bug A Forgotten Bug 0 Enter your own bug 10