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The Talos Principle 2 Achievements

Full list of The Talos Principle 2 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Talos Principle 2 has 59 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Not What It Seems Not What It Seems 0 Get involved behind the scenes. 5
Puzzle Fiend Puzzle Fiend 0 Solve all regular puzzles. 20
Ab Aeterno Ab Aeterno 0 Defy death. 30
Renaissance Robot Renaissance Robot 0 Solve all puzzles and monuments. 60
Good Citizen Good Citizen 0 Explore New Jerusalem in its entirety. 15
Museum Visitor Museum Visitor 0 Visit New Jerusalem's Museum of the Simulation. 5
Museum Explorer Museum Explorer 0 Explore the Museum of the Simulation in its entirety. 10
The Word Endures The Word Endures 0 Explore content on a lost terminal. 5
Scientia Vincere Tenebras Scientia Vincere Tenebras 0 Explore all of the lost labs. 25
The Spark The Spark 0 Find one Prometheus spark. 10
Discovery Discovery 0 Find an ancient human artifact. 10
The Thief of Fire The Thief of Fire 0 Solve one Prometheus monument. 20
The All-Gifted The All-Gifted 0 Solve one Pandora monument. 20
Mistress of Riddles Mistress of Riddles 0 Solve one Sphinx monument. 20
The Edge of Forever The Edge of Forever 0 Discover a vision of things to come. 60
Remnants of the Past Remnants of the Past 0 Discover a trace of what happened on the island. 15
The Hard Way The Hard Way 0 Solve "Switcheroo" without using the "keep connections" option. 30
Just One Lap Just One Lap 0 Solve "Loop" without doing multiple circles. 30
Single Rod Single Rod 0 Solve "Seesaw" puzzle by picking up only one connector. 30
Persistent Persistent 0 Work on solving a puzzle for more than 20 minutes. 20
Becoming Smarter Becoming Smarter 0 Return to a puzzle for a second attempt. 20
Chasing the Light Chasing the Light 0 Activate a Prometheus monument without stopping the spark-chasing music. 20
Team Spirit Team Spirit 0 Talk to each member of your team. 15
Touch Grass Touch Grass 0 Read 10 Social Media entries. 15
Trevor's Biographer Trevor's Biographer 0 Collect all 12 of Trevor's audio logs. 30
Ecstatic Truth Ecstatic Truth 0 Collect all 12 of Lifthrasir's audio logs. 30
A New Beginning A New Beginning 0 Help Byron get elected mayor. 40
Balance Balance 0 Maintain the status quo in New Jerusalem... for now. 15
A New Morality A New Morality 0 Help Rand get elected mayor. 30
Sinner Sinner 0 Have a heated argument with Thecla. 15
Excellent Excellent 0 Tell Purple what to do about his voice. 15
Text Adventurer Text Adventurer 0 Finish all three text adventures in the exhibition. 25
Chicken Chicken 0 Refuse to go along on the expedition. 5
Lord of the Files Lord of the Files 0 Read 30 texts on terminals. 30
Mnemosyne Mnemosyne 0 Find every manifestation of the past. 30
Archaeologist Archaeologist 0 Find 10 ancient human artifacts. 30
Signatory Signatory 0 Provide your digital signature to someone. 5
Your Biggest Fan Your Biggest Fan 0 Tell Schuyler what to do with his life... or not. 15

Secret Achievements

Ab Initio Ab Initio 0 Finish the calibration process. 5
Wanderers Wanderers 0 Embark on the expedition. 5
Overload Overload 0 Experience a datastream overload. 5
Grasslands Ring Grasslands Ring 0 Activate the tower at the Grasslands Ring. 5
Wooded Plateau Wooded Plateau 0 Activate the tower at the Wooded Plateau. 5
Eastern Wetlands Eastern Wetlands 0 Activate the tower in the Eastern Wetlands. 5
Desolate Island Desolate Island 0 Activate the tower on the Desolate Island. 5
Flooded Valley Flooded Valley 0 Activate the tower in the Flooded Valley. 5
Lost Marshes Lost Marshes 0 Activate the tower in the Lost Marshes. 5
Southern Coast Southern Coast 0 Activate the tower on the Southern Coast. 5
Verdant Canyon Verdant Canyon 0 Activate the tower at the Verdant Canyon. 5
Circular Oasis Circular Oasis 0 Activate the tower at the Circular Oasis. 5
Western Delta Western Delta 0 Activate the tower in the Western Delta. 5
Anthropic Hills Anthropic Hills 0 Activate the tower in the Anthropic Hills. 5
High Plain High Plain 0 Activate the tower on the High Plain. 5
Into the Machine Into the Machine 0 Enter the Megastructure. 5
Prometheus Unbound Prometheus Unbound 0 Free Prometheus from his chains. 5
Break the Loop Break the Loop 0 Make a choice that will define the future. 20
The Future The Future 0 Go above and beyond to change the future. 30
Bridge Builder Bridge Builder 0 Build one bridge. 15
Gnothi Seauton Gnothi Seauton 0 Use a functioning Somnodrome. 25