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Steel Assault Achievements

Full list of Steel Assault achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Steel Assault has 20 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Getting the Hang of It Getting the Hang of It 0 Complete the tutorial 25
Freedom Fighter Freedom Fighter 0 Finish the Game in Easy Mode 50
The Last Boyscout The Last Boyscout 0 Finish the Game in Normal Mode 50
Resistance Demigod Resistance Demigod 0 Finish the Game in Hard Mode 100
1CC 1CC 0 Finish the Game in Arcade Mode 150
Enter The Ninja Enter The Ninja 0 Complete any level without taking a hit (normal or any higher mode) 100
No Need for Tactical Support No Need for Tactical Support 0 Complete any level without picking up any powerups 25
Split Second Split Second 0 Parry 100 projectiles with your electric whip 50
Close Range Brawler Close Range Brawler 0 Defeat 100 enemies with punches 50
Taking out the Trash Taking out the Trash 0 Kill 100 enemies 25
Cleaning the Streets Cleaning the Streets 0 Kill 500 enemies 50
Sweeping the Nation Sweeping the Nation 0 Kill 1000 enemies 50
Cliffhanger Cliffhanger 0 Deploy the zipline 500 times 25
Slip n' Slide Slip n' Slide 0 Slide 500 times 25
Hangin' Tough Hangin' Tough 0 Kill 100 enemies while hanging from the zipline 50

Secret Achievements

Service Interruption Service Interruption 0 Defeat Lt. Karla Schmidt 25
Terminal Velocity Terminal Velocity 0 Defeat Cpt. Baltazar Kline 25
Short Circuit Short Circuit 0 Defeat Maj. Clayton Harris 25
Down with the Twins Down with the Twins 0 Defeat Cols. Nakamoto 50
The General Has Fallen The General Has Fallen 0 Defeat Gen. Magnus Pierce 50